Theatre Guide Dog: Week 0

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG should be studying and so should you, frankly, but we won’t tell anyone you’re here. Promise.

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So we’re back in the brainy-box fish-bowl, and our bowls are in for a boxing this term indeed. Never mind – you can allow yourself a trip to the theatre this week because a) you didn’t study over break anyway, why start now and b) it’s so CULTURAL and… mygoodnesswhatsallthis – all-female casts! semi-improvised plays! modernised opera! With such intellectual twists, how can you stay away?

Look Back in Anger – 24th-28th April

Kicking off term with a klassic, we have the play which both inspired the Oasis song and began the trope of the Angry Young Man but with an all-female (ooooh) cast.

Corpus Playroom, 7pm £5-6

A Doll’s House – 24th-28th April

More Kooky Klassics, just so you don’t forget that this is STOODENT THEATRE happening here. Everyone’s seen Ibsen and no one has time to learn lines these days anyway, so fuck that. Casting is also decided minutes before the show each night with a coin toss because why the fuck not.

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm £5-6

Orpheus & Eurydice – 27th-28th April

And if THAT isn’t crazy enough for you, get THIS: an OPERA set at a MAY BALL. Krazy! Kooky! But still kultural!

Clare College Chapel, 8pm £4-7