UPDATE: Hole Lot of Trouble at John’s

Continued pigeon hole thefts at John’s have led to accusations of student stealing.

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UPDATE 14th March

John’s porters have pointed the finger at students after “another item of value” disappeared from a pigeon hole on Monday.

This time however the theft was in the evening when only John’s students can gain access to the room.

Porters have therefore re-iterated their warnings to keep valuables away from the pigeon holes, even offering to hold onto cash themselves if necessary.

John’s claim to be ensuring that the thief is “caught and dealt with as soon as possible”, but as items continuing to disappear it seems the college’s words are ringing hollow.


Students at John’s have been hit by a spate of thefts – from their pigeon holes.

Last week porters from one of Cambridge’s richest colleges alerted students to the thieving. So far five students have been robbed.

The full content of the stolen items is unknown, but at least two of them involved cash pinched from pidges.

St John’s has warned students to avoid leaving anything valuable in their pidges, which are easily accessible for members of the public.

However, the college stopped short of accusing anyone, with the admission that most of those who frequent the room are college members.

Students were quick to pin the blame on outsiders though, Hany Serkis, a 3rd year Land Ec  telling The Tab that “John’s get sent gold so it’s no surprise people want to nick our post.”

Meanwhile, Johnian 3rd year Oscar Williams-Grut told us that “Whenever I go, the door to the pigeon holes is always left open, sometimes even propped open. With the number of tourists going through John’s everyday something was bound to go missing.”

Recently, theft in Cambridge colleges has been a big problem. Just last week Downing students were the unfortunate victims of robberies in their Lensfield Road accommodation.