College Clash Over June Event Theme

Trinity Hall and Wolfson have been involved in an angry exchange after choosing THE SAME THEME for their June Events.

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Rival June Event organising committees Trinity Hall and Wolfson have been involved in a fraught exchange after picking the same theme for their event.

Tensions are running especially high in the run-up to both colleges’ impending launch events.

The colleges fought over their near-identical concepts for their separate summer bashes this May Week.

Trinity Hall’s committee, whose event launch will take place the day after its Wolfson counterpart, reacted angrily to the clash, responding to our enquiries simply with: “Who are Wolfson?”

The Tab understands that at an annual meeting for committees to discuss May Ball and June Event themes the clash originally caused little upset.

It seems that Wolfson, who began planning last summer, attempted to claim the theme some time before the November meeting, but a mix-up meant that by the time they checked back, Tit Hall had chosen the same theme.

Wolfson June Event President Tamara Hornik said “it was felt that our balls would be sufficiently different for the clash not to present a problem.”

But in the run-up to the launch parties, an inside source has revealed a spate of angry emails exchanged between the two committees, as well as clashes about a couple of minor leaks.

And now it seems that the bad blood may not have completely died down. While Hornik claims to “wish Trinity Hall all the best for the event” the same cannot be said of her competitors.

Both June Events will reveal their themes this weekend.

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And keep checking The Tab for all the latest on May Ball themes, ticketing and line-ups over the next two terms.