Embrace Movember

We should all embrace Movember bumfluff.

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As November has finally come to a close, we mark not only World AIDs day, but also the day where thousands of men across the world can finally shave their moustaches off. For those who don’t know it, Movember is a yearly event where moustaches are grown (with varying success) to raise awareness for issues related to men’s health, particularly regarding prostate cancer, the cancer most prevalent to men.

Sadly, it seems that nothing passes without controversy in this university – not even Movember. In the writings of one Cantab: “Here comes ‘Movember’, chance for every emasculated fucktard to prove they can just about spurt bumluff for ‘charity’,” before adding: “Benevolent paedos.”

It is easy to criticise from the armchair. The comments above notwithstanding, there are some fair criticisms of Movember, the most evident being that not everyone can grow a moustache, or that the focus seems to be exclusively on men’s health. This didn’t, however, stop Hannah Robbins and Maddy Lawson from starting their own initiative, for their own charity. They called it ‘Moovember’, and they donned cow costumes every day for every £30 raised. Hannah and Maddy raised £1,588 (which puts our £517 to shame!), money which will go to fund several projects in school in Nepal.

If some feel alienated by Movember, this is a shame, but initiative-taking such as ‘Moovember’ never detracts, but only helps. Movember should extend beyond just moustached men. In light of this, the charity that we invite you to donate to this year is the Institute for Cancer Research, which conducts work towards better health for us all.

Any donations to Juan and his friends at Kings‘ or Hannah and Maddy’s Moovember would be much appreciated.

Photography by Raphael Scheps