May Bumps: Day 3 Round Up

JONNY SINGER and HENRY CHARRINGTON analyse Day 3 and look ahead to the final day of May Bumps 2011.

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Another fine day of racing produced plenty of action, and set us up for a dramatic finale through all the divisions.

The Big Picture: Downing moved up to second at the top of the Men’s division, which means we will get the final showdown in the final race of May Bumps 2011 that many predicted between them and Caius for the headship.

At the top of the women’s divisions meanwhile there was almost no action, the cream seemingly already having risen to the top.

In the lower divisions LMBC and FaT seem to be fighting to see who can fall further as a club (current totals stand at -18 and -19 respectively across 8 boats each), while Homerton had an excellent day, all of their boats achieving bumps.

Division by division, here’s our account of the day’s results, and our predictions for tomorrow.


1 Caius
2 Downing +1
3 First and Third -1
4 Catz +1
5 Pembroke -1
6 Jesus
7 Lady Margaret
8 Queens’
9 Fitzwilliam
10 Magdalene
11 Clare
12 Emmanuel +1
13 Tit Hall -1
14 Christ’s
15 Churchill +1
16 King’s -1
17 Robinson +1
18 First and Third II -1

Eligible for Blades: Caius, Downing, Catz

Eligible for Spoons: Pembroke, First and Third II

Analysis: Caius had no trouble rowing over at head, while immediately behind them, Downing and Catz easily bumped FaT and Pembroke respectively. All three of these clubs have looked imperial this week, and are all deservedly on for blades. Below them, Jesus led a six boat rowover, with LMBC making the occasional inroad, but never getting close enough to make the bump. Queens’ were off the pace for most of the race, but made a decent push at the end. A close tussle past grassy between Magdalene and Clare never resulted in a bump, but Robinson were able to finally cement their place in division one, with a well earned bump on FaT II, who take up the mantle as sandwich boat.

Predictions: The battle for headship is going to be great, and will be well worth a watch, even if it is chucking it down. Downing will be fired up, and eager to take revenge for losing the Lents headship, but Caius should be able to hold Downing off, especially with the headship advantage, having looked quicker most of the week. Catz will have no problem bumping FaT, and so should easily get their blades, while Pembroke will hope Jesus aren’t quick enough to bump them, and so avoid spoons. LMBC to pull it together on the final day and bump Jesus (maybe a little biased). Christ’s should bump Tit Hall. Expect FaT II not to be in the division come tomorrow’s race.


1 Downing
2 Pembroke
3 Christ’s
4 Newnham +1
5 Emmanuel -1
6 Jesus +1
7 Lady Margaret -1
8 Clare +1
9 Caius -1
10 Queens’
11 First and Third
12 Trinity Hall +1
13 Catz -1
14 Magdalene +1
15 Girton -1
16 Churchill
17 Selwyn +1
18 King’s -1

Eligible for Blades: Downing, Newnham

Eligible for Spoons: Caius, Girton

Analysis: The top four were unable to provide the excitement one might hope for from the top divisions of bumps, though it is perhaps testament to the consistent quality of the top rowers. Downing, however, continue to look excellent, and the fact that both men and women are in the top two (potentially both at head of the river tomorrow) is testament to the club’s set-up. Following different crews on each day of bumps due to injuries, LMBC had another unfortunate day, being bumped by Jesus. Caius and Girton are both on for spoons, while FaT salvaged some pride after avoiding the bump today.

Predictions: Downing to stay at the top, whether they will be joined by their male counterparts will be a more exciting race to watch. Tit Hall to bump FaT, while Girton will have to push hard to avoid the clutches of Churchill. LMBC will hope to have settled a little bit to avoid Clare.


1 Robinson
2 Downing II
3 Girton +1
4 Peterhouse -1
5 Homerton +1
6 Selwyn -1
7 Lady Margaret II
8 Caius II
9 Jesus II
10 St. Edmund’s
11 Sidney Sussex
12 Wolfson +1
13 Anglia Ruskin -1
14 Pembroke II +1
15 Darwin -1
16 Corpus Christi +1
17 Christ’s II -1
18 Queens’ II

Eligible for Blades: Girton, Pembroke II, Corpus Christi.

Eligible for Spoons: Selwyn, Darwin

Analysis: Despite Downing gaining ground on Robinson, Robinson were able to hold them off, and will be relieved they won’t have to suffer as sandwich boat again tomorrow. More interestingly, however, was the battle between Selwyn, Homerton and LMBC. Despite bumping LMBC yesterday, Homerton only just managed to hold off LMBC before bumping Selwyn. Caius, meanwhile, did not seem to have the pace of their first boat, and though able to hold off Jesus, could not get close to Maggie. Further down the division, Corpus continued to perform well, as did ARU.

Predictions: Downing to bump FaT to take the sandwich boat position. LMBC  to bump Selwyn, having got close to them on the first day, and perhaps provide LMBC with the only bump of the club’s campaign. Pembroke and Corpus should also be confident of bumping ARU and Darwin.


1 Selwyn
2 Peterhouse +1
3 Pembroke II -1
4 Emmanuel II
5 Sidney Sussex +1
6 Jesus II -1
7 Murray Edwards +1
8 Robinson -1
9 Fitzwilliam +1
10 ARU -1
11 Newnham II +1
12 Darwin -1
13 Homerton +1
14 LMBC II -1
15 Clare II +1
16 Hughes Hall -1
17 Downing II
18 Trinity Hall II

Eligible for Blades: Sidney Sussex, Murray Edwards, Fitzwilliam, Newnham II

Eligible for Spoons: Jesus II, Robinson, ARU, Darwin, LMBC II

Analysis: Only four row-overs in this division meant that this was a favourite for the spectators who braved the rain. Sidney, Murray Edwards, Fitz and Newnham have all produced brilliant performances every day. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Jesus II, Robinson, ARU, Darwin and LMBC II, who continued to fall. They will all hope to avoid being bumped tomorrow, and avoid the dreaded spoons.

Predictions: Expect Murray Edwards and Fitz to have no trouble in bumping, although whether Sidney can bump Emma is perhaps not such a foregone conclusion. They have, however, showed great speed all week, and no doubt will apply considerable pressure on Emma. Homerton should get the bump on Darwin. Expect a close race between the Clare and LMBC second boats.


1 Corpus Christi
2 Clare II
3 Emmanuel II
4 St. Catharine’s II +1
5 Selwyn II -1
6 Hughes Hall +1
7 Lady Margaret III -1
8 Peterhouse II +1
9 FaT III -1
10 Robinson II +1
11 Magdalene II -1
12 Trinity Hall II +1
13 Fitz II -1
14 Churchill II
15 Emmanuel III
16 Girton II +1
17 Caius III -1
18 Queens’ III

Eligible for Blades: Catz II, Hughes Hall, Peterhouse II, Robinson II.

Eligible for Spoons: Fat III, Magdalene II, Fitz II

Analysis: It took until The Plough for Hughes Hall to bump LMBC III today, the longest it has taken so far this week. According to one member of the LMBC crew, “the blues were chundering at the end, whether that was to do with the effort to catch us or their huge hangovers is still unanswered.” Elsewhere, Catz, Peterhouse and Robinson proved their speed over the first two days has not been a fluke.

Predictions: Whether Hughes Hall can survive another hangover remains to be seen, but expect them to bump. Fat III will have to work extremely hard to avoid Robinson, while Magdalene and Fitz will both be under pressure as they line up tomorrow after an uninspiring week.


1 Trinity Hall II
2 Corpus Christi
3 Caius II
4 Wolfson +1
5 Queens’ II -1
6 Christ’s II +1
7 Magdalene II -1
8 Girton II
9 Selwyn II +1
10 Pembroke III -1
11 First and Third II
12 Catz II
13 Clare Hall +1
14 Emma III -1
15 Newnham III +1
16 St Eds -1
17 Murray Edwards II +1
18 Jesus III -1

Eligible for Blades: Wolfson, Selwyn II, Clare Hall, Newnham III, Murray Edwards II

Eligible for Spoons: Magdalene II, Emma III, St Ed’s, Jesus III

Analysis: A re-row between Caius, Queens’, and Wolfson occurred after some crabbing and dubious attempts to stop rowing were shouted, with Wolfson getting the better of Queens’ off the restart. Meanwhile, Newnham and Murray Edwards showed the depth of quality in their clubs: they are both on for blades tomorrow.

Predictions: Murray Edwards should be able to catch St Edmund’s, similarly Newnham should have no problem with Emma. Christ’s should be confident of catching Queens’. Magdalene will be pushed to avoid Girton, while Jesus may well not appear on the start line of W3 tomorrow, if they are caught by Sidney in the division below.


1 Queens’ III
2 King’s II
3 Wolfson II
4 Pembroke III
5 Clare Hall +1
6 Darwin II -1
7 Downing III +1
8 Jesus III -1
9 Selwyn III
10 Clare III +1
11 Catz III -1
12 Tit Hall III +1
13 First and Third IV -1
14 St. Edmund’s II
15 Jesus IV +1
16 Corpus II -1
17 Christ’s III +1
18 Lady Margaret IV -1

Eligible for Blades: Clare Hall, Jesus IV

Eligible for Spoons: Darwin II, Jesus III, FaT IV, Corpus II, LMBC IV

Analysis: Only Clare Hall and Jesus IV are on for blades, though a total of five boats have a good chance of earning their spoons. The top four all rowed over, surprisingly King’s were not able to catch Queens’, having been quick all week. Tension must be mounting in the Jesus boathouse between their successful fourth boat, and their dismal third boat, let’s hope the changing rooms aren’t too awkward – fortunately they won’t be racing each other at any point.

Predictions: Clare Hall will hope not to join the rowover ‘fun’ at the top, and should be able to bump Pembroke. Downing should be confident of bumping Darwin II, while St Edmund’s will hope to catch the falling FaT IV. King’s to bumps Queens’ III this time, after coming very close today.


1 Murray Edwards II
2 Sidney Sussex II +1
3 Addie’s -1
4 Darwin II
5 Homerton II +1
6 FaT III -1
7 Christ’s III +1
8 Churchill II -1
9 Fitzwilliam II
10 Hughes Hall II +1
11 King’s II -1
12 Peterhouse II +1
13 Queens’ III -1
14 Selwyn III
15 Pembroke IV +1
16 Clare III -1
17 Trinity Hall III +1
18 Jesus IV -1

Eligible for Blades: Murray Edwards II (in W3 tomorrow)

Eligible for Spoons: Addie’s, Chruchill II, Queens’ III

Analysis: Surprisingly few crews on for blades in this division given the often varying quality between crews, indeed, the only crew eligible have made it to division three. Three crews, however, are on for spoons, so still much at stake, even in the lowest of the women’s divisions. Early bumps for Pembroke and Peterhouse, while Tit Hall earned an ‘honorary bump’, as Jesus IV failed to turn up, so they just had to survive the first three lengths of the race to make the bump, a relatively simple task. Rumours have it Jesus IV celebrated bumping Tit Hall yesterday a little too hard.

Predictions: Jesus IV ought to get that bump back if they bother to turn up, while Christ’s III will fancy their chances of catching FaT III. With Jesus III, eligible for spoons, coming down from W3, Sidney II will be confident of a bump and a chance to row as the sandwich boat, which would leave them an outside chance of discretionary blades. Darwin II may not be the fastest boat on the river, but they should catch a freefalling Addies.


1 Christ’s III
2 Magdalene III +1
3 Christ’s IV -1
4 Homerton II +1
5 Sidney Sussex II -1
6 Pembroke IV +1
7 First and Third -1
8 Hughes Hall II +1
9 Churchill III -1
10 Robinson +1
11 Caius IV -1
12 Sidney Sussex III +1
13 Jesus V -1
14 King’s III
15 Addenbrooke’s +1
16 Fitz III -1
17 Girton III +1
18 Pembroke V -1

Eligible for Blades: Homerton II, Pembroke IV, Hughes Hall II

Eligible for Spoons: Churchill III, Caius IV, Jesus V, Fitz III, Pembroke V

Analysis: As ever, lots of bumps in this division to keep the spectators happy, even in the miserable weather. Magdalene spoilt the all-Christ’s affair at the top of the division, no doubt Christ’s III will be glad to have avoided any embarrassment. Homerton, Pembroke, and Hughes Hall are still on for blades, while Girton III cemented their place in the M5 division, a good day’s work for them.

Predictions: Christ’s bumped Magdalene on Thursday, so they might hope to bump them back again tomorrow, it really can get confusing towards the lower end of bumps. Homerton look likely to catch them first, however. Similarly, Hughes Hall and Pembroke should both be confident of celebrating blades tomorrow night.


1 Girton III
2 Queens’ IV +1
3 LMBC V -1
4 Christ’s V
5 Lady Margaret VI
6 Magdalene IV +3
7 King’s IV +1
8 Downing IV -1
9 Clare IV -3
10 Emmanuel IV
11 Churchill IV +1
12 Girton IV -1
13 Corpus Christi III +1
14 Downing V -1
15 Selwyn IV +1
16 Queens’ V -1
17 Hughes Hall III
18 Sidney Sussex IV

Eligible for Blades: King’s IV

Eligible for Spoons: Girton IV, Downing V

Analysis: Clare unable to get the bump, instead succumbing to a great overbump by Magdalene, catching Clare just before the line. King’s and Churchill also looked handy, while the LMBC lower boats continued to have a poor bumps, salvaged, perhaps, by a rowover by their VI boat.

Predictions: Clare bumped Downing on day two, and so should be able to bump them back tomorrow, despite having a bit of a shocker today. King’s IV will have to work hard to cap off a good week if they are to catch Magdalene who will be riding high after their overbump today. Corpus should bump Girton, while Downing will be lucky to avoid Selwyn.

Day 3 is the day when everything gets set up for the final push and this was no exception. With 26 boats in contention for blades, and 32 rowing to avoid spoons, tomorrow promises to be an incredibly intense and competitive day of rowing. Not to mention a fight for the headship of the men’s division.

The Tab will be there again tomorrow, with an earlier start time of 11am. Follow our live coverage from 10:15 HERE.