The Queen Can’t Cut It

1,000s turned out to see the Queen during her visit to Cambridge yesterday, but embarrassingly she struggled to cut the cake at John’s garden party.

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Over 2,000 people lined the streets today to try and catch a glimpse of the Queen as she visited Cambridge to celebrate St John’s 500th anniversary.

Crowds of tourists lined St John’s Street as the royal couple arrived to celebrate the college’s quincentenary anniverary.

Inside John’s, the Queen and Prince Philip were shown the remains of John’s medieval chapel before dining with the current JCR.

The Queen allegedly commented on how difficult JCR president Waheed Chaudhrey’s role must be, to which he replied: “not as hard as running the country your highness.”

Dining over, the Royal couple were then proceeded to the backs where all of John’s had already assembled for their Quincentenary garden party.

The royal couple’s arrival was signalled by the National Anthem, but the band scarcely needed to announce it, the crowd was so excited.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh then met a select group of Johnians, including ex-JCR and senior academics, before the Queen cut the cake at the high point of the garden party.

But this proved to be a more difficult than she first anticipated. The Queen got the knife stuck in the cake and Prince Philip had to come over to help finish the job.

Embarrassment over, the royal couple were presented with several gifts from the college before being whisked away.

The crystal decanter and tumblers, as well as a pocket watch, all engraved with the John’s crest were paid for by JCR pres Waheed Chaudhrey.

Despite the cake blunder, most attendees were seemed impressed with the Queen’s visit. Andy Halton, a 2nd year geographer, told The Tab: “It reinforced my love for [the monarchy]. The monarchy is the best thing ever to have happened to this country.

“She could have shown a bit more than just the ankle though.”

Manon Von Thorenburg, a 2nd year engineer originally from Belgium said: “It was even cooler than meeting the King of Belgium.”

However, David Rebelo, a 2nd year economist originally from Portugal, told The Tab: “It was a bit of an anti-climax. All the years I spent growing up in Portugal seeing the Queen and then she’s just a little old lady.”

Security was tight at the event, with sniffer dogs inspecting the site prior to the party and police visible during the event. Snipers were also positioned on top of Chapel Court, the Great Gate and New Court.

The Queen wore blue with a red trim on her hat while Prince Philip wore a ceremonial red gown in one of his final appearances as Chancellor of the University.

Photos by Lexi Abrams