Kings Of Banter

King’s students have set up the King’s College Lads’ Union to offer a more banterous alternative to KCSU.

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A group of King’s students sick of politics have set up a group to counter King’s College Student Union: King’s College Lads’ Union.

4th year students Rob Keast, Harry Frankish and Tom Collins set up the Lads’ Union in response to a statement released by KCSU earlier this week condemning the police for last weeks arrests.

The boys behind KCLU felt the statement was unfair on police and wanted to offer an alternative view. Furthermore, they felt the KCSU had a distinct lack of  “banter”. But Frankish insists that KCLU has no political slant, and simply wanted to give balance to the debate.

In an email sent to The Tab, KCLU claimed the motion passed by KCSU condemning police was passed: “in the absence of a lot of knowledge.”

KCLU said it believed: “that disproportionate violence used in police arrests is wrong [but it] probably wasn’t used in this case.”

Living up to their name they then added: “there has been disproportionate use of beer today and it was good. Therefore ‘disproportionate’ is not always a bad word.”

The Union therefore resolved: “to make it clear that we disagree with KCSU and have been misrepresented by the statements released by them.”

They also declared their intentions to: “take it easy, (and if it’s easy) to take it home.”

In the statement, KCLU also made allegations that KCSU and those involved in the arrests were trying to suppress alternative views, claiming that some had even issued threats.

Richard Eggleston, a third year geographer at Homerton, was inspired by KCLU’s example. He told The Tab: “It’s a massive boost for lads everywhere.

“Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning in a banterless sea of current affairs and culture, but seeing the King’s Lads’ Union is inspiring; a bant-fuelled SCUBA set of salvation that shows lads around Cambridge that there is hope out there. All the best to them.”

Although only just formally established, Frankish told The Tab that the Union has existed in spirit for a while. In 2010 the boys visited Lad Vegas, where “a motion was passed to give unionized benefits to huge lads.”

Where it all began…

It’s not yet clear what these benefits exactly are (lessons on sharking? Tactical chunder guidance?) but KCLU could be big names in the future.