Birds Fly Into Cambridge

Mysterious posters of birds have appeared across Cambridge today, ruffling some feathers.

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A series of posters of cartoon birds appeared across Cambridge today.

The birds come in various bright colours and all carry a link to

The website itself doesn’t reveal what the posters are about, and instead just has a countdown.

A spokesperson for Have You Seen The Birds told The Tab the clock is: “counting down to when the birds’ ‘message’ will be revealed on Wednesday at midday.”

The website also contains various bird related games and profiles of some of the birds featured on the posters.

One of the birds, called Susie, likes to “travel about Cambridge, and loves to see photographs,” while another called Dr Steve “looks after all our sick and poorly birds.”

Second year historian Shaun Lu said the birds: “certainly made the trip to Sidgwick slightly more interesting.”

There are five birds at the Sidgwick site, six at the New Museums, three perched around Downing site, and others scattered across Cambridge from Mill Lane to the Cavendish laboratories. Have you seen the birds?