‘Fire In The Red Light District’ Ignites Controversy

Emma have been forced to change the theme of their bop after the original ‘Fire in the Red Light District’ theme proved too controversial.

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Emmanuel have changed the theme of their bop after several students claimed the theme was ‘inappropriate’.

Emma’s bar managers originally set the theme of tonight’s bop as ‘Fire in the Red Light District,’ and the event’s Facebook page encouraged students to dress as “hoes” or “slags”.

However, following complaints from several students, the bar managers have changed the theme to ‘A Night at the Theatre’.

This change was prompted by students who complained that the event glamourised prostitution, as well as being inappropriate and insensitive.

Emma’s JCR President Alison Underwood told The Tab: “It’s a private matter of welfare and opinion, but I’m very relieved that the matter has been resolved and so quickly at that.”

But, most students do not appear to be happy with the change. An anonymous source from Emma told The Tab that there has been more complaints about the change of theme than the initial theme itself.

Arrash Arya-Yassaee wrote on Facebook: “RIP world’s best theme,” while Karen Kim wrote: “Whatever, I am still sticking to the old theme.”

Student Ben Kentish has the same plans, writing: “Pretty sure there’s a theatre somewhere that at some point put on a play about a fire in a red light district… Sorted.”

The DJs who are set to play between 1am and 2am are also sticking to the original theme, and the title of their set remains: ‘Flaming Theo & the Woman of the Night.’

A student who wished to remain anonymous also told The Tab: “It’s ridiculous. People need to get a grip and get a life.”