Cambridge Corker Claims Crown

A Gorgeous Cambridge local has been crowned World Miss University.

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Gorgeous Cambridge girl Katie Farr has been crowned World Miss University in an international beauty pageant held in South Korea.

24-year old stunner Katie initially took up modelling because she couldn’t find work after graduating with a degree in Politics from Leeds University.

Katie won the Miss Leeds competition after graduating, and was invited to take part in the World Miss University competition as a result.

The competition to find the sauciest scholar has been held annually since 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, a long way from Katie’s home in Isleham, near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

In the competition Katie found herself up against 42 other gorgeous grads from across the globe.

But it was Katie who eventually managed to scoop the title of worlds brainiest beauty, impressing judges with her kickboxing skills.

”I was in a state of shock and disbelief upon hearing I’d won”, Katie said of her victory.

Katie, far right, pictured with some of the competition.

Corker Katie was eager to stress that the competition was ”intellectually engaging” and ”not all handbags and lipstick”.

There’s no swimwear category, and unlike traditional beauty pageants contestants must learn how to produce traditional cuisine, feed the homeless and deliver sacks of coal to poor Koreans.

The event, which is organised annually by the International Association of University Presidents, also features political debates between competitors. Katie herself has an IQ of 140.

Katie said, “We had some really interesting debates.”

”Beauty pageants are not what they used to be and contests such as this should be championed as it celebrates intelligence and inner beauty.”

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Katie says she plans to spend her small cash prize paying off her student debt and will lead missions to help underprivileged children during the next year.

”I aim use the title as a platform to speak on issues I am passionate about, to complete more volunteer work and give other young people opportunities to do so too.”