Review: Trinity Hall June Event

JOSHI EICHNER HERRMANN: ‘I find it difficult to agree with Varsity’s assessement that “guests at Trinity Hall found themselves in a fairytale wonderland”‘

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For what it's worth, I think The Tab's reviews of this year's May Balls and June Events have been generous.

It was recently said of The Times' outgoing chief theatre critic Benedict Nightingale that one of his greatest strengths was that he always approached a show with the expectation of enjoying it.

At any May Week event for which you have forked out more than £70, you can expect to enjoy it. Getting drunk with your friends in a pretty environment is a banker to be fun. Tit Hall June Event was definitely fun. In fact it was really fun, "more fun than John's" claimed one friend, "twice as fun as Jesus" said another. The swing boats were a hit, the booze was plentiful and the silent disco was…well, how could they possibly have cocked that up. It was like a night at Cindies in which the people looked better and you didn't have to be in Cindies.

And yet, if we accept that the committee nailed the 'fun' criteria – and they probably nailed it better than most – there was plenty that they didn't get right. Whilst the atmosphere created by the faux-Bavarian band playing at the entrance was pleasant, I find it difficult to agree with Varsity's assessement that "guests at Trinity Hall found themselves in a fairytale wonderland" or that the evening "enchanted spellbound revellers". Can someone tell me which Brothers Grimm tale involves a dance simulator machine? Or how that can possibly be deemed to be magical?

Although to be fair to Varsity, they were only judging the first 30 minutes becuase they have to hit a print deadline so that literally no-one can read their laughable daily edition in the morning (who on EARTH do they imagine wants to read about the merits of Sarah Palin's potential meeting with Maggie Thatcher after a big night out?)

I, however, did stay beyond the half-hour mark so I'll help them out a bit. Within an hour the Jägerbombs were finished. By midnight the hog-roast was exhausted and the pizza stand was serving an innovative 'tuna and tomato' variety, having run out of cheese. The organisers kept up Tit Hall's tradition of supplying copious amounts of booze, although dispensing with last year's pint glasses and drinks buckets was a subtle nod towards sobriety.

In the main tent an otherwise receptive crowd were reduced to awkward shuffling by the dissapointing Guillemots, whose "modern lullabies for uneasy times" struck the wrong note at an event populated by many of the of the blazer-wearers who had specifically not chosen to go to King's Affair. At times during the night there was just no music to dance to, despite the success of acts like Truly Medley Deeply in the 'Little Red Riding Hood' Lecture Theatre.

Tit Hall June event wasn't bad. Most people there obviously enjoyed it a lot. But the question with all these events has to be: how much did the committee achieve with their evening beyond getting everyone hammered? Maybe they succeeded so fulsomely with their alcohol supply that I've just forgotten the delicate touches, the magical atmosphere, the inspired music. But I doubt it.


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Star attraction: Silent Disco & Truly Medley Deeply

Biggest Turn Off: Poor planning