Mansigani Gets CUSU Top Job

Rahul Mansigani has been elected as CUSU President – although the candidates attracted fewer votes than The Tab’s Fit College!

CUSU election helming JCR mansigani peters-harrison talmy

Rahul Mansigani has been elected as CUSU President – with fewer votes than were cast in last week's Fit College!

The former Robinson JCR President beat his opponent Beccy Talmy by 300 votes in a contest which only attracted two candidates.

Of the 2738 votes cast in the Presidential contest almost 10 per cent were protest votes in the 'Re-open nominations' box.

Elsewhere in the contest for the post of Women's Officer, Sarah Peters-Harrison beat Anna Goulding by just 9 votes and Maria Helming thumped Luke Hawksbee by more than 500 votes to become Education Officer.

The other three full-time CUSU posts, those of Coordinator, Student Support Officer and Access Officer, were uncontested.

Newly elected Education Officer Maria Helming and Luke Hawksbee

Click here for the election results in full.