One top, Three Ways

We show you to how to justify those must-have purchases: one top, three ways to wear it.

how to top topshop



Ooh what a pretty blouse!’ that’s what I thought when I first laid eyes on this little beauty from Topshop and frankly I couldn’t wait to buy it and start racking up the compliments, but at £35 I wanted to be sure that it passed the ultimate garment test: versatility. There’s nothing worse than having a favourite top but only one place to wear it, so I’m pleased to report that this ruffled number doesn’t disappoint. Add some skinnies, flats and a bit of Marc Jacobes-esque fur to keep you toasty on your way to lectures, then quirk it up with these patterned Saloon shorts (or ‘Culottes’, for anyone who remembers their days in the Brownies) and boogie the night away at Cindies. You can even dress to impress for formal just by adding this cute New Look lace skirt and popping on a corsage à la Carrie Bradshaw. 1 top, 3 ways to wear it: I’ll take one in every colour please