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How to spice up your uni room

Original ways to make your uni room feel like home

How to: Get into Cambridge!!

The dos and don’ts of the personal statement

The Tab’s guide to becoming a student DJ

Of all the hives of BNOCery in Cambridge, the student DJ community is the most elusive and trendy. Because we love you, here’s a guide to becoming the uni’s top selector.

How to choose your housemates

With balloting beginning for our not-so-fresh freshers, jaded second-year CHARLIE DOWELL offers a no-nonsense guide to a magnificent maison.

Tab Guide: Taking Photos with Film

Natalia Molina-Harno teaches you how to use film cameras. Properly.

Tab Tries Trick-or-Treating

Lost the urge to knock on your neighbours door with an empty bucket and a scream mask? For Halloween TOM FAIRBAIRN revisited the pleasure…

How To Cook A Christmas Dinner

ED TAN tackles a tricky Christmas roast on an illegal college hob plate. And there’s even leftovers…

Spread The Love

LEAF ARBUTHNOT raids her cupboard for spreads and cooks up some tasty treats.

The Tab’s Guide to April Fool’s

The definitive guide to April Fool’s day, including the best of 2010 and tips for tricks this year.

How To Make The Best Pancakes

Our foolproof recipe for the best pancakes. It’s time to whip out the frying pan and get tossing.

Smashing Fashion Rules

EMMA BOWELL takes a look at some of the most common rules of fashion and breaks them mercilessly.

Step Into Spring

We work out how to make the most of the tricky spring weather, and look stylish to boot.

What Not To Wear… To The Races

Our journo on the street confronts that age old style question: what does one wear to the (dog) races?

Fashion Crush: Dusky Pale Pink

We step into spring and take a gander at the shade of the season: silky soft pastel pink, in all its girlie and chic-and-stylish glory.

Swishing Style

Gorgeous Hannah Blaikie, a 2nd year at Homerton, shows us how to make the most of our clothes-swap purchases.

One top, Three Ways

We show you to how to justify those must-have purchases: one top, three ways to wear it.

Cambridge Street Style

Two style mavens from Caius show us how it’s done. Ladies and gentleman: the return of street style.

Bright Young Things

We see how a bit of fatal twenties’ glamour can add oomph to your Cambridge wardrobe. Yar, darling.

Print Preview

Style inspiration or outfit nightmare? We show you how to work the clashing prints trend your own way.


How to make the most of your denims… a cheeky look at this season’s jeans trend.