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GEORGE OSBORN pre-empts the mid-term blues with an airstrike of joy.

Boy Least Likely To British Sea Power George Osborn Jim Noir Music My Morning Jacket spotify Super Furry Animals

The Week 4/5 blues are part and parcel of the Cambridge experience. I before have recommended that while in the midst of the aforementioned woe that the correct policy is to depress yourself in an even more glorious and disgraceful style. This I have now realised is wrong. Maybe it is the impending realisation that my degree is going to be absolutely bloody useless that’s forced me to try and be optimistic about “life and shit”, but for whatever reason you may need cheering up this week’s playlist is designed to do just that. Uplifting, triumphant and lovely consider this my antidote to whatever glum and melancholy that is currently affecting your highly miserable existence.

Gideon – My Morning Jacket

A sumptuously light guitar riff dances through Jim James’ echoing vocals before colliding with a delightful crash into a wall of noise and exultant piano playing; this is the ultimate song to start a dreary morning with.

Waving Flags – British Sea Power

The lead single from their Mercury Nominated Do you like Rock Music?, Waving Flags lives for the explosive yet ethereal nature of the opening riff which is the musical equivalent of a rush of endorphin. A brilliant headphone listen, it’ll make you feel excited the moment you put it on.

Juxtaposed with You – Super Furry Animals

A song of love, understanding and caring, Gruff Rhys croons his way through the chorus like a man on a mission to unite the world in an enormous hug fest. When added to the beautiful string arrangements and the floaty guitar it becomes a pop song of pure luxury.

I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star – The Boy Least Likely To

An attempt seemingly to reclaim childhood from the world, this song is the equivalent of kids party with coke, balloons and some dodgy Battenberg cake that no-one is sure whether to eat. Simple understandable lyrics, a devastatingly catchy chorus and music written with an added splash of bottled joy, this is probably one of the happiest, and best, songs I’ve ever heard.

My Patch – Jim Noir

From the off defiant, the Beach Boys style harmonies that Noir opens the song with (and then infuses sporadically throughout) give way to a guitar riff of unrivalled funk, vigour and edge found in your average pop song. With the simple repetitive lyrics throughout, this is stirring but ironically cool stuff.

Little Secrets – Passion Pit

The combination of the high pitched voice, jumpy synths and a children’s chorus chanting makes this an unbridled sugar rush. As you feel the chorus booting in, you can clearly feel delight soaring into your body from your brain outwards forcing you to move your feet. Crafty bastards…..

Close to You – The Avalanches

Quite simply the coolest dance/hip-hop/pop group ever, Close to You shimmers with celebratory sounds of the world throughout while vocals occasionally build into the sound before blowing out into a chorus so simple that it is nigh on impossible to lodge once you’ve listened to it. Damn addictive.

Golden Age – TV on the Radio

From probably one of the most easily cool albums of the past ten years, this song lives for glorious funk and restless beats with handclaps, drum beats and lively electric guitars giving away to a faux brass band chorus with real power and glory in it. Inspiring stuff.

Big Sur – The Thrills

Bringing the banjo out is always a good way to get you smiling and Big Sur is a song that knows this full well. Yet, being the cheery idiot this song is, it goes on to delight with breathy sing along choruses, foot stomping folk and downright joviality. The Thrills may not be clever or big, but it’s hard not to smile when listening to this.

I Understand What You Want But I Just Don’t Agree – The Sleepy Jackson

The opening excitement of the strings continues throughout the remainder of the song with exploding lively choruses breaking up the pattern. Yes, this is basically the same stuff you will hear on Empire of the Sun but frankly when it’s as joyful and lovely as this who cares?

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