Social Roulette

“A game of chance where your identity is the grand prize”: LAUREN CHAPLIN checks out the new internet fad that forces us to re-examine what Facebook means to us.

Wish You Were Here Festival

HARRY WRIGHT wishes you were here, as he sends us back a postcard from one of Cambridge’s best small festivals.

The Future of Music?

How does YouTube affect music? KATE WILSON muses.


GEMMA OKE sees a play duck the issue of ‘the human condition in all its complexity’ (ugh) in favour of sketchy Irish accents and the cast’s prelash playlist.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Two

Soon-to-be Fresher? Let The Tab teach you how to speak Cambridge. Sunday: I – P.

The Tab’s Top Ten Tracks

GEORGE OSBORN goes predictably soppy with a selection of the best love songs around.

The Tabs Top Ten Tracks

GEORGE OSBORN pre-empts the mid-term blues with an airstrike of joy.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: Week Two

You know the drill.

Jess Murray

Why I Want a Frigate for Christmas.