Catz vs. Bull

Catz on Tour: a Catz men’s rugby social got rather out of hand on Tuesday night.

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The Catz men’s rugby social got rather out of hand on Tuesday night, The Tab can reveal.

College authorities were contacted by The Red Bull after a night of heavy boozing and loutish behaviour that included:


– Urinating out of windows

– Vomiting out of windows

– Throwing cutlery, plates and food

– Loud and disruptive chants


The boys were dining at The Red Bull on Barton Road to celebrate the end of term, or perhaps, given their recent performances, to commiserate its end. It certainly seemed to be a case of drowning their sorrows as the boys reportedly sank more than enough to get them totally battered.

Apparently there wasn’t a sober person in the room. Many of the lads were seen in Cindies later that night, where they continued to booze.

The college – like the landlord – is taking a dim view of the lads’ behaviour. The organiser of the event has reportedly been deaned and all the others who were present have been contacted by the college authorities and warned that there will be repercussions when they return next term.

This is likely to involve a blanket ban on rugby socials in future. It is likely the boys will also be banned from formal hall as a punishment.

This is the second report this week of boozy behaviour getting out of hand; on Sunday, Girton alumnus Jimmy Appleton, an engineer who graduated last year, was bottled in a vicious attack at The Place that saw the brawler spend a night in the cells and Appleton go home bloody, bruised and shaken.