A Tab columnist silenced ex-MP, Edwina Currie, this week with reference to her four-year affair with John Major.

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Edwina Currie was publicly humiliated at The Cambridge Union this week by a Tab columnist.

Currie, an ex-MP and former Junior Health Minister, was in Cambridge to participate in a debate at the Union on Thursday when Tab columnist, Christiana Spens, rendered her speechless.
The debate was titled “This house believes we’d be better off if women ruled the world”.
The discourse descended into a shouting match between Currie and Louise Court, Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine.
Currie was hurling abuse at Court, with outbursts such as: “But you’re a journalist! You’re a joke! You edit a rubbish magazine – you could have done so much better.”
Spens, a second year philosophy student at Homerton, stood up and asked: “Is doing much better, seducing John Major?” to the cheers and applause of the packed chamber.
Currie caused a sensation in 2003 when she revealed she had a four-year affair with the ex-Prime Minister in the 1980s.
Spens, author of The Socialite Manifesto, told The Tab, “[Currie] was being completely awful, so then I stood up. There was a pause in the chaos and Edwina let me speak (she must have thought I was on her side or something.
“[After that] Edwina Currie stopped bullying the Editor of Cosmo because she didn’t know what to say. It was so fun.”
Other participants in the debate included Emma Wimhurst, a self-made millionaire after founding a cosmetic company from home, Louise Burfill-Dons, a writer, humanitarian and global warming campaigner, and James Max, a journalist and radio presenter who was a semi-finalist on the first series of The Apprentice.