Bristol Uni has issued over £15k in Covid fines since early October

138 students in total received fines

Bristol University collected £15,600 in Covid-related student fines between the 5th of October and the 24th of November.

138 students in total were fined either £100 for attending an illegal gathering, or £250 for organising an illegal gathering.

This means that in the 50 day period for which The Bristol Tab has data, students were fined an average of £312 per day, which is more than the maximum fine of £250.

Data obtained by The Bristol Tab reveals that a total of 84 fines were issued in October with a total value of £9,300, and 54 were issued in November with a total value of £6,300.

The university says that fines of £100 are issued for “failing to appropriately social distance or for attending a gathering in breach of Covid-19 guidelines.” Fines of £250 are issued for “arranging a gathering in breach of Covid-19 guidelines”.

In October, 78 students were fined £100, and six students were fined £250. 42 of those fines were issued up until the 23rd of October, meaning that in the last week of the month (which included Halloween), 36 students were fined £100. No student was fined in that week for organising an illegal gathering.

In November, 48 students received £100 fines, and six students received £250 fines.

The data obtained by The Bristol Tab

Students began moving-in to university accommodation in mid-September, and there was a grace period up until the 5th of October where fines were not issued. This was “to allow [students] to familiarise themselves with the University’s new Student Rules and Regulations, including the Covid-19 Behavioural Policy”.

The data reveals that there were likely more breaches of Covid rules in October, however on the 24th of November the university threatened to fine a whole block in the Hiatt Baker hall of residence, as well as students in Badock. Following outrage over “collective punishment”, the university made a u-turn days later.

Last week, a Durdham hall fresher was fined £250 for “accidentally” hosting a 50 person singalong in Stoke Bishop. He said he just wanted to bring some festive cheer, however crowds quickly gathered. He paid off the fine with the help of GoFundMe donations.

The university says that fine money from students in halls of residence goes into a pot where JCR committees can bid for money to buy items or equipment for their hall. Fine money from students in the private sector is normally made available for local community groups to bid for in order to “promote community cohesion” between students and locals by hosting events such as curry nights, barbecues, and community gardening.

The people in the featured image are not associated with the fines 

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