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The President of IKEA society wants everyone to know that he was NOT conceived in IKEA

I know. I was disappointed too.

Sadly, it has come to light that the president of Bristol University's IKEA Society was not conceived there, but rather the Bristruth was posted due to first years having not "covered understanding sarcasm yet." Oops.

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As a student, you've probably been to IKEA at least once on the obligatory trip before university. Most of us have at least one item, even if said item is a lone tealight.

Despite the anticlimax over its origins, I was given some information about the society, where members "can bond over a mutual love" of the world of flat-pack furniture. Seems pretty great if you ask me.

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Meet the Captain!

There is more to the society than shopping trips though; a social last year was hosted with ABBA society before they "tragically disbanded." Can we have a petition to get them back, please? I know most of my flatmates would be more than willing to join.

Toby, who confesses his partiality to siphoning lingonberry jam into his rucksack, is the society's president. He says he reckons the cult surrounding IKEA is due to a universal "appreciation for cheap, stylish furniture."

When I asked him why people should join, his reply was "to meet fellow IKEA enthusiasts and possibly indulge in a meatball or 15."

And if that doesn't sway you to become a member, he has told me that bucket hats are "in the works, but no promises." Here's hoping!