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Can Bristol shops actually stop playing Christmas music

Take your tinsel somewhere else

It’s November. For many of us this means the beginning of autumn, the returning of the Brizzle drizzle, time to wear jumpers, coats and even consider wearing a scarf. Not the beginning of Christmas.

I love Christmas. I consider it the best holiday out of the whole year. In fact, I board the festive train much earlier than most people. I wait in anticipation for the release of the John Lewis Christmas advert — the moment this airs on our television screens is when I proudly begin to play Bublé on repeat.

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However, the John Lewis Christmas advert does not grace us with its presence until mid-November. Perhaps around the same time that sports clubs start having their Christmas dinners — always way too early by the way.

Why this holiday is advertised everywhere as soon as the last glimpses of summer have disappeared, is a mystery. As soon as there is even a hint of cold weather these supermarkets and shops start pinning up Christmas lights, and advertising pre-orders on Christmas dinners.

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Yes that’s right folks, you had better hurry to pre-order that dinner you will be receiving in 10 weeks time! Some places, like Sainsbury’s at Clifton down, have even begun playing Christmas music in store.

So why is it that these multi-national corporations feel the need to shove Christmas into our lives and display it everywhere!?

I understand that for some people with big families or some who like control, buying Christmas gifts before December might be an idea, unlike the majority of us running round the shops at an unacceptable hour on the 23rd and 24th of December.

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But don't tell me you agree with displaying advent calendars in September? Let alone selling Christmas trees in autumn.

So the point of my article is, and yes there is a point — could Sainsbury’s at Clifton Downs please, do us all a favour, and refrain from harming our ears with Christmas music in autumn? Although Sainsbury’s may be okay having bad luck, I am certainly not.