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Bristol’s Biggest Names on Campus 2018: Round 4

Do you know who they are?

Bigger than Christmas and more exciting than a season finale of Game of Thrones, it's that special time of year when we choose who is the biggest name on Bristol’s campus.

This year we've had more nominees than ever before, with submissions ranging from the inane to the obscene. After a week of careful formulation we've knocked it down to the final 25 ranging from famous freshers to familiar fourth years.

Below is the fourth of five batches featuring the biggest names in Bristol in 2017-2018. Vote now and win your champion eternal glory/infamy…

Harry Stern, Fourth Year, Maths and Computer Science

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"Everyone's favourite deliveroo guy. Always wearing his beanie/cycling/being in brass pig. Sells Love Saves The Day tickets. Went on a night out in full deliveroo gear, said his last order was a groovy night out for all his pals. He delivered."

Tasha Tres, Second Year, Biology

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"Finalist for finance undergrad of the year, Deloitte tax scholar, paid for a temporary lounge stamp tattoo you can buy on Etsy and it worked. Probably Bristol’s biggest heart breaker: ridiculous number of bumble matches, never less then 3 boys on the go despite never getting with them and always calling them ‘friends’."

Aidan Byrne, Fourth Year, Zoology

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"He likes to be English when in Wales and Welsh when in England. He once fought a tap…and lost, now he can often be found outside mbargos singing the anthem – 'I fought the tap and the tap won'."

Lucky Dube, Student Living Officer

"Wrote his own opera, ran for SLO on the slogan 'Get Lucky, Vote Dube', was a runner up in the 2016 version and now deserves the title outright. A genuine Renaissance man."

Ed Southgate, Second Year, English

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"A great talker, a great writer, he's a true blue Tory and a well read journalist. Incoming Editor of Epigram and outgoing stalwart of BUCA."