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Bristol’s Biggest Names on Campus 2018: Round 3

Which one gets your vote?

Bigger than Christmas and more exciting than a season finale of Game of Thrones, it's that special time of year when we choose who is the biggest name on Bristol’s campus.

This year we've had more nominees than ever before, with submissions ranging from the inane to the obscene. After a week of careful formulation we've knocked it down to the final 25 ranging from famous freshers to familiar fourth years.

Below is the third of five batches featuring the biggest names in Bristol in 2017-2018. Vote now and win your champion eternal glory/infamy…

Isaac Ajala, Second Year, Law

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"Has an album on Itunes. Fired from Gravity for being a legend. Disgusting dance moves. Contested most eligible last year. He is, in the words of Robbie Williams, 'A man for all seasons, A hit with the ladies, A stallion in the sack.'"

Rob Angel, Third Year, Economics

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"Darts champion, Rugby League legend, voted the most powerful student on campus last year. Also just a really decent person. Solid bloke".

Tom Phillips, Fourth Year, Physics and Philosophy

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"Modest, shy, retiring- all these objectives would not be used to describe the institution that is Tom Phillips. A legend in his own lunchtime, a king of the dancefloor, this charming gent is famous for his dinner parties and was the driving force behind Keep Our Communities."

Joe Singleton, First Year

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"Everyone in Churchill knows him, he basically owns the JCR, always seen with two double vodkas. 'If it’s not double I’m not drinking it' and 'I only wear Jack Wills exclusively'."

Liv Daniel, Fourth Year, Engineering

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"The most eligible bachelorette in Bristol. The people's favourite. Need I say more?"