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Two and a half years on from the Colston Street fire, here’s what it’s like inside the refurbished hall

Before the Fry Building, there was Colston Street

If you didn’t know already, in October 2015 my lovely student hall burnt down. Literally to a crisp. Apparently it was someone using and leaving a deep fat fryer on.

After two and a half years and lots of money later, Colston Street is back and better than ever. I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what the brand new six story building next to Colston Hall and the 24 hour Co-Op is like post incineration?

Well, wait no more. Here is everything you need to know about the swanky, scandalous and seriously LIT city centre accommodation (oh the irony…)

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Colston pre-refurb #GoneButNeverForgotten

From the outside, it looks pretty much the same as its pre-fire self. It blends in seamlessly with the rest of the street’s architecture without a single giveaway that it was only built last year.

You really wouldn’t even know it was there when walking down the street (and no, not because its ‘so dead’).

The hall of residence is made up of 13 Flats, 5 floors and about 120 students. A nice size, however we are of course in City Centre so obviously no one speaks to each other and eye contact on the stairs is forbidden (?!)

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Honestly this place is b e a utiful

I'm one of the lucky ones who live on floor 5. Fortunately WE HAVE A LIFT- just one that never bloody works. Having to end your day with 100 lunges up endless flights of stairs and 3 Sainsbury’s bags is about as horrendous as it sounds. And why does the lift always break, you ask? Inhabitants of Floor 4 we are talking to you. You know who you are.

Lift issues aside, being on the top floor is brilliant. The view from my bed says it all. Lovely but definitely lacks privacy- I wave to everyone in Colston Tower daily.

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The lift which doesn't work and the view which most definitely does

Oh and to add to the modern vibe of the building, you have to use your Ucard as your key to enter the building, your flat and your room. Sounds cool but is a complete nightmare when you go to the kitchen at 2am and realise you’ve left your Ucard in your room and are subsequently locked out. The senior residents must hate us.

On the plus side, every room is equipped with an ensuite, or as they like to call it a ‘shower pod’. I mean, it’s pretty tiny and menial but still nice not having to share a shower and risk unknown contagious diseases. However, the shower curtain touches the loo seat which I guess is worse. Who ever designed that needs to reevaluate their career.

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The height of luxury in Colston

The common room is really good. Fit with a communal study space, silent study rooms, a kitchen, sofas and a huge TV we really can’t complain. We started the year with an air hockey/pool table as well but some ABSOLUTE LEGEND thought it would be really funny to break it. The worst kind of person.

Also the formals are AMAZING. £5, 3 course meal and almost unlimited wine in Wills Memorial Building with a live band. If that’s not enough to make you want to come here, I don’t know what is.