In-FUZE your life with some beautiful faces: all the models at Fuze 2017

Models are taking over this weekend…

Fuze, the largest student run fashion, dance and music show is back, bigger and better than ever!

The event will be taking place on the 18th and 19th of March 2017 at 1532 Performing Arts Centre, Bristol Grammar School, right next to University!

The show will be raising money for Bristol Refugee Rights, an amazing charity which supports refugees in Bristol. Since the event started in 2o03 the team have raised over £100,000 for charity! What have you done since then, huh?

Come meet the models:

Willow Swindon

Tom Owen

Stephanie Bridet

Sheila Joyce

Pushpa Veeralakshmanan

Oli Rowlands

Millie Mckee

Max Condon

Kira Healy

Karla Viinikainen

Jess Sargent

Jack Gainsborough

Hugo Lebus

Harry Wilkinson

Flora Gibbs

David Bowen-Davies

Dami Ewedemi

Claire Gignoux

Caitlin Gainer

Anya Kadylbek

Annabel Ohene

And if you thought that wasn’t enough there’s an after party at Lola Lo’s to finish off your night! You can drown your sorrows, wondering why genetics deprived you of becoming one of these divine beings.

So if you feel like your Saturday or Sunday could handle that Funkytown theme, then head back to uni for a crazy, fun filled night.

Shake your booty down to the ASS library OR Beacon House cafe on Thursday and Friday to get your tickets, or buy them online from their website:

Let the FUZE be with you.