Snapbacks are a modern atrocity, leave them at home

Listen up

The Americans have given us many great things – prom, Halloween and a fear for worldwide democracy (well, Trump has).

Yet, with good also comes the bad, and this, I’m afraid, is the American snapback.

Don’t get me wrong, I support freedom of expression – as a student you’re faced with wavy garms staring you in the face 24/7 on campus. But, why buy a hat that’s looks about as good aesthetically as it is functional?

I know RuPaul is frowning on me, it’s about the outfit not comfortability, and I can get on-board with this to an extent. But to buy something that will allow you to be blinded from the sun when its function is the exact opposite – that is alien to me.

As if not being able to see in direct sunlight wasn’t bad enough, don’t forget the shape of these supposedly ‘practical’ items. With snapbacks accentuating the top part of the skull, why choose to make your head look like something out of Frankenstein?

The shape isn’t the half of it, however. With printed sexist and vulgar language, we really need to question what message we’re giving out to society.

Of course, these are only ‘jokes’ and to find them questionable is verging on insanity, but wearing a hat that says ‘Get back in the kitchen’ perhaps isn’t the best way to go about life if you want to be taken seriously.

Which leads me onto the next thing; wearing snapbacks backwards. As if wearing a hat that will in no way protect you from the sun wasn’t pointless enough, wearing the things backwards has also come into fashion.

Picture this, after a long day outside you come in to take your hat off and bam, you’ve got a sunburnt semicircle patch on your forehead for the world to see. Worth it? I think not.

So, before you endorse lad culture later this year, have a think about if it’s really the best option.

Fifteen pounds for something that will fail to do the very thing is was designed for, make you look scarily out of proportion and can be offensive – now that could be money better spent.