Bristol voted 7th most neighbourly UK city

Somehow Sheffield came top?

Research by Bristol’s favourite supermarket chain Co-op has found that the city ranks in the top 10 of most neighbourly cities in Great Britain.

The study of 2,000 adults is designed to act as a snapshot of the health of the UK’s community spirit with Bristol finishing above London, Leeds and Newcastle but below Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester.

Sheffield is revealed to be the country’s ‘community capital’ with three in four (75 per cent) respondents would be happy to call on up to five people to request a good turn.

On average across all ages when asked how many neighbours they could depend on for a favour (21.3 per cent) said they have no one. Southampton is the most isolated place with 32 per cent of people saying they have no neighbours to drop in on whilst one in six (16.8 per cent) of those under 35 claim to have no one living nearby who they can turn to for help.

Rufus Olins, Chief Membership Officer at the Co-op, said: “Community is the vital lifeblood of the UK. Having neighbours that you can turn to, whether that’s to take in a parcel, borrow some milk or just for a chat, is so important. We all want to feel part of a community and know that someone is there to help a hand. This research shows that we have much to do to improve our neighbourly spirit and foster that sense of community.”

You can read the results of the research here.