All the crazy things that happened in Bristol this November

A round up of the best and the worst

What a month it has been.

30 days of controversy, excitement, and surprise have led to a whole range of crazy news stories in Bristol University.

While many students were weighed down by the inevitable November essay deadlines and dismal weather, there have been many notable occurrences to spice up your Facebook news feed.

We’ve collected the best of them so you can bathe in the nostalgia and revisit memories gone by.

“Where were you when Trump won?”

The Bristol SU hosted a crazy election night extravaganza where over 400 students partied long into the night. It was a uniquely strange experience where the sound of Dancing In The Moonlight pumping out the speakers was joined by CNN all but confirming (almost) everybody’s worst night mare – that Donald J. Trump had won the US Presidency.

Although student opinion on the event was definitely more towards the Hillary-loving side, some Bristol students celebrated the shock win.

A comparatively light-hearted pair of stories – two new very alternative and very Bristol societies were set up.

The wavy garm wearing portion of Bristol celebrated its favourite hobby in the creation of a Bristol Vape Society.

The other, more distinguished side of Bristol was inspired by this news to create a Bristol Gin Society a few weeks later.

UOB students’ hatred of student letting agency Digs reached breaking point this month.

A protest marched to the Digs office on the triangle only to find that the office had sneakily closed early so they wouldn’t have to hear their pleas.

In response to this, we compiled a list of student grievances against the letting agency and called for a university wide boycott of their services. 

Not to be outdone by their student protester peers, other Bristol students reached for the spotlight by taking part in our widely publicised Bristol’s Best Bums competition. 

The search for the most asstastic Bristol student even ended up in the national papers.

In other strange news, a few Bristol students had a drunken encounter with Bristol alumni and everyone’s favourite Lib Dem celebrity Lembit Opik.

One of the biggest stories to hit Bristol’s student publications was the tale of two Bristol students who took in an escaped convict. They cooked food for the fugitive and spent many hours talking with him about his life before persuading him to turn himself in.

The story has already garnered over 50 thousand views.

Bristol University also announced plans for a new £300 million campus next to Temple Meads station yesterday.

Although it will only open in 2021, the news has already angered students who are curious as to why the Uni chose to put the new campus so far away from everything else.

Strange and wonderful news kept coming from start to finish in November – there’s even a rumour floating about that a certain celebrity is coming to DJ at Churchill this Friday.