I’m a Bristol student and I’m happy Trump won

Deal with it

Yesterday Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. People in Bristol are already planning a protest on the streets.

Well I’m quite happy about it and here’s why:

Equally repulsive

Personally, I think they were both poor choices.

Hillary Clinton fundamentally lacks the trust of ordinary people and as part of the Clinton family she represents an arrogant political class which people all over the world have had enough of.

If you still question the corruption at the heart of the Clinton Foundation, watch this.

On the other hand, Trump is not a candidate I would ever want to vote for. His remarks about women and his behaviour with women represents the deep-seated misogyny that is still so prevalent in large swathes of the United States. To this end, a Clinton win may have been good, a first female President would do plenty in bringing about more equal gender attitudes.

However, Mrs Clinton is not the tireless advocate for women which she claims to be, one need merely look back to her days as an attorney in Arkansas to reveal her true character. 

Donald has positives 

The truth is they are both pretty awful people but at least Donald Trump is anti-establishment, and people are sick of politicians telling people what is in their interests and what is not. Donald Trump embraces the concerns of working Americans (the white ones at least).

He is anti-NAFTA, a trade agreement signed by Hillary’s husband, Bill, which siphoned away hundreds of thousands of American manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

Trump even supports raising the national minimum wage from $7.25.

He addresses legitimate concerns of ordinary people, such as uncontrolled immigration for instance.

Concerns about immigration are not racist, they are concerns over the ability of society to culturally assimilate when a too-high a proportion of incomers are introduced.

There may also be concerns over the ability of government to provide for those incomers, immigrants do of course create added strain on public services.

For now

For the United Kingdom there is also the promise that we will be at the front of the queue for a trade-deal once we are out of the European Union.

Trump has already alienated countless nations with his remarks, it may be a case that Trump’s administration will have to take their friends where they can get them.

Only America would elect a character like Donald Trump, and I’m quite happy about that because it means America will stay American.

There will be guns, minimal government and there will be low-taxes – The way America should be.

America shouldn’t try to be European, because it isn’t and more importantly it clearly does not want to be. Let’s be happy for them whilst quietly being thankful that ordinary people are not allowed to buy guns, that we have an NHS, and that due to the special relationship the key to our safety is as good as guaranteed.

And the main reason why I’m happy?

Well I had Trump at 4/1