There’s a Bristol University Vape Society

We can’t believe it either

Empowered by bland 21st century apathy, millennials have ruined a whole host of things that society used to enjoy.

First they  wrecked good old face to face socialising by spending all their hours stuck on social media, then they came for the food with their ‘gluten free vegan diets’.

Perhaps most tragically is the fate of traditional ’20 a pack’ cigarette smoking which has now become decisively less cool.

A smoker

The hipster youth who parade their garms proudly around Bristol’s streets are guilty of murdering the good old fashioned cigarette. They have traded it in for a metal stick which puffs innocent, strawberry flavoured, water vapour clouds into the air.

To add insult to injury, a Bristol University Vape Society was created a few days ago.

No description or aims are to be found on the page which currently has an impressive 258 members. The page currently seems to be a site for discussion of all things vape and a dump for various vape related memes.

The page further strengthens the idea that millennials are a generation lost in a maze of irony that they themselves have created.

When asked for comment, a representative of the society replied with this:

“Eat, sleep, vape, repeat.”