Bristol SU to have US election all-nighter extravaganza

The bar will be open till 6am

The Tuesday after the second Monday in November has marked the date of the US election since the mid-19th century. This electoral cycle a number of Bristol societies have impressive plans in the pipeline to meet the event with the gravity it deserves on November 8th.

The SU is playing host for a heady round-the-clock election party hosted by the Politics Society. The MUN, International Affairs, Social Policy and Sociology societies have also helped put on a night billed with a dizzying array of entertainment.

Comics, live music and refreshments will sustain politico revellers through the night. The intrigue of the most highly charged election in a generation will no doubt also keep sleepy eyes ajar, but for those braver souls who survive until sunrise insouciant drinking may be required to numb the dregs of a bitter campaign.

If it all gets too much, there are rumours of Massage Society rub-downs to relax those most wound up by the political bark and bluster.

However, the evening will no doubt be fully centred on the state-by-state revelation of results. CNN and Fox News will be broadcast alongside the BBC to give a fully authentic ‘Merica election experience, with running commentary from those in the highest echelons of the organising societies.

Don’t rely on it all being wrapped up by breakfast time though. Recounts in swing states are becoming ever more part of the political furniture across the pond, and no-one is ruling out a Trump claim of electoral rigging. Both have the potential to start a renewed slew of political – and legal – battles.

Nonetheless, President of the Politics Society Ilana Melka is excited for the event:

“This is not simply about the US, the implications of this election will be internationally momentous. Either way the result will be a landmark in political history which we should all be witness to.”

Those political wonks most intrigued by an extraordinary election season should head down to the SU’s Balloon Bar for a fun-filled night.

Event details can be found on Facebook.