University of Bristol Gin Society to launch next week

It’s gonna be huge

Last week, the newly founded Bristol Gin Society was approved by the Students’ Union to begin holding events. Hundreds of students have already joined the Facebook group, with the first event likely to be held at some point next week.

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The society was the brainchild of a group of third year students.

In an interview with The Tab Duncan, Gellatly, the President of Gin Society, explained how: “I was trekking to the ASS library in torrential rain when it came to me. We want to build a network of like minded students with an interest in one thing; premium quality gin.”

Fuelled by this ‘ginspiration’, Duncan and his co-founders were able to set the society up within just a few weeks.

“On the evening it was approved we went to Sainsburys and bought Hendricks to commemorate this historic event” said Sam Unsworth, Chairman of Gin Society. They spent the night watching Peep Show and adding people to the Facebook group: “It went from 0 to 472 in 68 minutes”.

The society aims to “organise tasting events throughout the term and informal events where students can come together for a chat over a G&T.”

Bristol students are far from alone in enjoying this classic beverage: as Duncan noted: “Gin Societies have popped up across the country over the past six months in unis like Edinburgh and Nottingham. It carries on a trend that is taking the nation by storm”.

How much will it cost to join Gin Soc? Max Wilding, Secretary of Gin Society, was unequivocal on this point: “Membership is free and will remain free. The SU recommended we charge but we rose above that. We’re inclusive to all”.

Duncan agreed: “We want to drain the swamp of convention within university societies.”


The Committee have been sure to keep their eye on the long term. “We’ve spoken to quite few gin companies interested in sponsorship, ranging from more established brands to local distillers” said James Harrison, Vice-Chairman. The society already have their own logo and website – “The elephant represents India where the British popularised the G&T.”

And what tipple would the Chairman and President suggest to gin-lovers out there?

For Sam it’s: “Monkey 47, it brings back happy memories of working at monkey world.”

Duncan disagrees: “For me it’s not so much about the gin, it’s about what makes up 75% of the G&T: tonic. Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water, that’s the best.”

You can join the Gin Society Facebook group here.