There’s a rumour that Francis Boulle from Made in Chelsea is DJing at Churchill Hall this Friday

Oh yahhh

Stoke Bishop freshers and Made In Chelsea fans will be excited to hear that Francis Boulle is apparently DJing at a Churchill Hall event this Friday.

One of the country’s favourite B-list celebrities, the diamond company heir and web entrepreneur has served as a slightly more intelligent alternative to Jamie Laing in the hit celebrity show.

Some of Francis’ best quotes include:

“You’ve got a killer rear end”

“I’m quite edgy. I’ve got quite a lot of edges.”

“She exhibited very odd behaviour… She stole my socks. It wasn’t at that stage where she could steal my socks.”

Students who have dreamt of meeting the spectacled millionaire may soon have a chance to live out their fantasies as a family friend of Francis’ who is apparently a fresher at Churchill has organised for him to come down to Bristol.

One can only speculate as to what killer beats the entrepreneur has prepared for the big day. Will he be drinking pints with the Stoke Bishop masses? Or will he be getting his kicks from something a whole lot more Chelsea?

Some of the more hardcore student fans may even want to try becoming something more than just friends with Francis – after all, he is worth £10.1 million.