SU officers launch online petition against rising cost of uni accommodation

University accommodation rent is set to increase 5% in next academic year

The university have announced plans to increase rent prices in the next academic year.

University owned accommodation will rise by 4 – 5% bringing rent up to an average of £6,000. This exceeds the average maintenance loan of £3,700 per year.

In the light of collective disgruntlement, a petition launched by Bristol S.U officers, against the proposed rent hikes has started to gain momentum.

The petition states: “We are asking you to stand with us in demanding answers and show your support by signing and sharing this petition. We are asking you to share our email to the Vice-chancellor. We are asking you to care and to be angry with us”.

The proposed rises have angered many. Sophie Pender, founder of UoBs State School group told the Tab: “The university’s recent rent increase is at odds with its supposed aim to get more students from poorer backgrounds into the university.

“It’s going to force more students into a crippling amount of hours in part time jobs to make their loans go further and price the poorest out entirely.”

Student Living Officer, Sarah Rae Redrup has commented: “As a sabbatical team we have voiced our concerns with the proposed increases as we believe them to be unfairly burdening students with the costs of University activity. Rent prices in the University of Bristol residences last year were already well above the national average and one of the most expensive outside of London.

“The 2016/17 rent increase directly contradicts the University’s commitment to widening participation as the incredibly high rents will deter students from low and middle incomes from applying. Those who do apply will be forced to take up the rooms in cheaper halls that are often neglected when it come to refurbishment.

“Furthermore, while students are being asked to pick up the bill, hall wardens continue to receive free accommodation”.

You can click here to show your support.