James Blunt received an honorary degree from Bristol today

And he was beautiful

Bristol grad, musician, Twitter legend and former NATO officer James Blunt received a Doctor of Music honorary degree today.

Ordinary student graduates coming on stage to complete their educational journeys were met by James’s smiling face, a proud moment for a proud day.

The ceremony begins

Having already graduated in 1996 with a sociology degree, Blunt returned to Bristol to pick up his second degree from the uni, describing the honorary degree as “a huge honour”.

In the introduction speech it was revealed he spent his first month at uni sleeping on a beanbag and spent most of his time in first year in the Hiatt Baker music rooms.

James, about to make his speech

In his speech on his time at Bristol, Blunt described it as “the best four years of my life”.

When talking about any advice he had for the other graduates in the ceremony however he apologetically said he had none.

He also revealed the true reason why, as an undergrad, he changed out of his aerospace manufacturing engineering course: he couldn’t spell it. He decided to take sociology instead because “there were only girls on that course”.

The legend himself

He even admitted that many of his hit songs are written about “the girls from that course”.

Unsurprisingly, he concluded his entertaining speech by saying what we all ready know: “Bristol is the best university in the world”.

A Tab reporter managed to gain access to the exclusive ceremony by claiming he was meeting his cousin Samuel inside who was also graduating.

Unfortunately any attempts to contact James personally after his speech came to no avail.

I guess we’ll never know what that “semi by the sea” lyric means in Three Wise Men.