Head Warden begins laughing gas crackdown in Stoke Bishop

It’s “explosive” apparently

Fearful Bristol university bureaucrats are finally cracking down on renowned “party drug” laughing gas.

This used to be the best part of the night

This used to be the best part of the night

In an email sent to Stoke Bishop residents last Thursday, Head Warden Dr M.J. Crossley Evans referred to the rules in student handbooks forbidding students to bring any flammable materials into their residence.

He said: “This includes nitrous oxide cylinders and capsules. Our Fire Safety Officer has advised that these cylinders and capsules could pose a serious risk of explosion in the event of a fire because they contain pressurised gas and the gas, as an oxidising agent, may prolong a fire.”

The email sent to students

The email sent to Stoke Bishop residents

“Hippy crack”, as it has been labelled by The Daily Mail, is often sold in balloons at festivals and at wavey clubs like Motion and Lakota.

Canisters of nitrous oxide (NOS), its official name, can be purchased online for culinary usage or through local go-to guys such as the Hiatt Baker “Nos Boss”, seen below following an altercation with a “cracker”.

The Hiatt Baker "Nos Boss"

The Hiatt Baker “Nos Boss”

The email warning is particularly odd because nitrous oxide as a gas is not actually even flammable, though ask any Chemistry nerd and they’ll be able to tell you that it’s an oxidising agent, often used in racing cars as a boost.

Because of this, hard-line uni officials seem to have finally found an excuse for cracking down on NOS. The drug isn’t technically illegal to distribute or own, but the act of inflating a balloon with it or distributing for the purpose of inhaling is a criminal offence.

One Badock resident told The Tab they were furious with the new rule. They said: “Banning NOS will only lead students to much harder drugs like heroin and crystal meth”.