Robin Hood: “A Jolly Good Show”

PantoSoc’s Easter show proves ‘acting’ doesn’t have to be serious

After watching this hilarious alternative performance of the story we all know and love, I have decided Panto is the new vogue – move over RADA.

The play, directed by Joanna Woods and Becca Playford (aptly named) encompassed an interesting spin on the traditional tale, whereby Robin, is far from the heroic, intelligent hunk and instead is…rather weedy and pathetic.

Indeed, it is Marion who wears the trousers in this rendition – a real bruiser who could take on any man.

Robin, played by Gemma Stockbridge, is an unwanted outlaw, who instantly falls in love with the beautiful Marion (Ellie Cripps). Unfortunately, Marion is being forced to marry the spoilt, childlike Sheriff against her will.

In a moment of love-crazed bravery (rare for this character) he sets off to free her from her prison cell, without realising this little lady has already escaped, resulting in Robin’s capture and execution sentence!

Through the medium of song and dance, and a number of innuendos from the Friar, the band of merry men and Maid Marion save the day and all ends well in the town of Nottingham!

All the traditional characters make an appearance, even if they’re not quite how you remember them – a particular highlight is the reveal Friar Tuck is a nymphomaniac! There’s even space for a tap dancing horse named Dobbin, who effectively saves the day when his talents draw the guards away from Robin’s execution.

However, the star of the show has to be the villainous Sheriff, played by Andrea Salerno, and his mother, the ‘Lady’ of Nottingham, played by Ryan Nicholls.

Plastered in 1980s blue eye shadow, and with a husky Welsh accent, this Dame sings, dances and has the whole audience in fits of laughter as she tries to control her molly-coddled son.

On the contrary to the beliefs of many ‘thespians’ out there, these students can act and are very talented. A special mention must go to the three ‘jail birds’ who could certainly belt out a tune or two! In addition, the play was free of charge, and involved a raffle in which all proceeds went to two fantastic charities.

On the whole, a jolly good show, by a marvellous society whom I shall definitely be going to watch again!