Hinks Apologises For AMM Vote-Rigging

Hinks left red-faced after attempted vote-rigging is exposed

Sport Director Simon Hinks has offered an official apology after it was revealed he attempted to fix the vote against bringing back Pay As You Go for sports clubs.

In an email sent to captains of the Focus group sports, Hinks wrote ‘motions tend not to be researched and nearly always do not address some of the key points’.

He asked captains of the Focus group (elite sports which receive more funding) to vote down the proposal at the AMM. However, Hinks’ attempt to influence the vote failed and the motion passed with 88% in favour.

Hinks pictured at the recent pool re-opening
Photo: Epigram

After Hinks’ attempted tampering was revealed, he apologised to UBU for his actions. Hinks had recently claimed “a positive relationship with the Union is the way forward” and emphasised his department’s achievements in this area.

Hinks’ apology was welcomed by VP Hannah Pollak, who insisted “it cannot and will not be ignored the motion passed with an 88% majority which sends a clear message to SEH that students want greater flexibility from the membership system.”

“However the logistic of implementing the motion must be fully discussed by SEH and UBU to ensure that there is not negative affect on other club user.”

The Pay As You Go system is widely supported by students. It was reintroduced for off-peak hours last November following the submission of a petition signed by 1500. But since then it’s been restricted to people who are not in sports clubs.

Much focus has been placed recently on the cost of playing sport at university. UBU’s recent Sport Consultation Survey found “financial barriers are acting as a very real problem to many students enjoying the University’s facilities”.