Feeling brave? These are the spookiest places in Bournemouth to visit this Halloween

Are you brave enough?

BOO! It’s spooky season and you are in for a treat. It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year and Bournemouth is full of spooky places to give yourself and your friends a scare this Halloween.

Whilst a lot of us are more than content carving a pumpkin or two before spending the night getting smashed at the local club’s Halloween event. For the thrill seekers out there, Halloween is the one night of the year where they’re looking for the fright of their lives. If this applies to you and you can’t wait to get your spook on this Halloween, these are the scariest places you can visit in Bournemouth:

Ghost hunting at the Bournemouth town hall

The town hall was built in 1885 and is notorious for ghost sightings, I hear soldiers from the first world war still roam the building since it was used as a military hospital then. If you’re feeling brave one night, why not take a walk by and see if you can spot any activity? Be careful not to look up though, I hear some of the ghosts are little pranksters and will wave at you from the windows.

Try escaping at Quija

For my thrill seekers, there’s an escape room called Quija in Charminster. How well can you think under pressure in a dark room whilst anything unexpected can happen? Is this a trick? Because you and your friends will be tested on your team working skills whilst racing against the clock. If I’ve learned anything about Quija from the movies, it’s don’t pick up the game but once you are in you may as well escape.

Try not to panic at the Crematorium

Perhaps you’re a daredevil and you’ve already tried Ouija so how about their other place The Crematorium? Are you ready to step it up? It is not for the faint of heart as I heard last year they had to stop the game and escort a fresher out as it was too spooky. Rumour has it, nobody has completed the challenge yet – any takers?

Do a zombies scavenger game

A hunt on how to survive a Zombie apocalypse that starts in Bournemouth square. This is a fun walking tour that you can join on any mobile device and there’ll be challenges whilst you get the chance to walk around showing off your costumes.

Treat yourself at Priva

OK so it’s not all about the tricks, some like to treat themselves, and this Halloween Priva is having an event. Priva level8ight is above the Hilton hotel it’s a sky bar, and why not look down on all the bores and ghouls whilst rubbing shoulders with the cool kids in town?
Fancy dress is mandatory so make sure you get your best costume on and celebrate this spooktacular event

Party inside a church

Halo a nightclub that used to be a church, nothing says Halloween like dancing in a church at an ungodly hour. Poetic if I must say. Don’t leave your crosses at home, stay protected. And shall we call the drinks holy water? I will definitely be at Halo myself, perhaps dressed like a nun or angel with a “halo”. Saints and Sinners is the theme so choose wisely as the party never stops.

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