The best places in Bournemouth to buy your costume this Halloween

Save your pennies and keep it local

The unpredictable weather of the season and the early dark nights make it a spooky season already without the help of Halloween. Shops are set and ready to sell balloons, face masks, fancy costumes, and fake blood, along with pumpkins for carving, or for a lovely pumpkin pie for any Halloween fanatics around town.

As the clubs prepare their beer barrels and pint glasses to welcome fancy costume customers, here are a few places you can go to grab your Halloween outfit this year and join in the fun:

Hollywood Fancy Dress

The first Halloween shop stop I can recommend for an in-shop outfit. Rumour has it you will be dolled up at an affordable price. It has a whole wide range of options so you can choose who to magically transform into. What a classic Cinderella trick! You could jump into the world of the Squid Game with a super affordable triangle mask, or you could become a ghostbuster with an inflatable costume. I heard the police tend to raid the ghost town on Halloween night so if you want to be a bank robber, it is your time to shine.

Ann Summers

What to and what not to say to praise our lady, Ann Summers. For all lady needs, she’s got you covered. But, keeping lady Ann Summers secret, she prefers a physical visit to find out precisely what goodies she’s got in store for you. You can find Ann Summers along Commercial Road. You will get to bag some flirty and slick Halloween costumes for the sexy divas.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger sells all kinds of Halloween decorations, you can find it along Commercial Road. My flatmate happened to grab herself some devil wings, horns, and a wand. The report says she was happy with her purchase and cannot wait to rock her devil wings this Halloween.

Costumes R Us

Let us get bony, witchy, and ghostly for a serious one minute. Voodoo lady, Corsair lady, lady bones costume, dark warrior man, an evil king, are all but a few that can be found at Costumes R Us along Castle Lane.


If money is tight and you’re working on a strict budget then Primark is the place for you. Our local walking closet allows you to throw your Halloween costume outfit together. It has everything you need to turn yourself into a Halloween prince or princess.

Local stores

Other stores you can try for both costumes and other decorations can also be found in Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Sainsbury, and Aldi, all of which are super affordable. So many options to choose from, you are spoilt for choice!

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