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Halo’s Grand Re-opening: The Review

Missed it? Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in.

As promised, I am here to deliver a candid review of Halo's re-opening, hosted by Icebreaker as part of their Refreshers Tour. After being given four VIP tickets to attend the event, I am bringing you my thoughts on the renovated venue and the event….who doesn't love a free night out?

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There was a LED feature wall as promised in the reception area for all your selfie needs, should you feel the desire to look angelic as you commit some sins. As a disclaimer, I should state that Icebreaker are obviously not responsible for the renovations, however they are responsible for their staff. Unfortunately as myself and my friends walked in, we received a very frosty welcome by two female members of Icebreaker staff. I'm not sure what they were there for, other than to ask myself and my friends to rudely move out of the way and proceed to give us dirty looks – not ideal.

Luckily, I met Roy Senkali and after complimenting his adorably preppy outfit, I learned he is one of the front runners for Icebreaker. Roy was an absolute delight and took me up the stairs to the top floor himself, and wished me a good night (after showing me photographs of his impressive gymnastic skills, of course).

Once inside and upstairs, it doesn't look like a lot has changed in the venue at first in all honesty. I think regular Halo goers would spot the more subtle changes made to the upstairs. However the stage was notably bigger and overall the whole club just looks cleaner (this is deffo not a bad thing!). It looks well looked after, less seedy and just a bit more welcoming in general – all the things you'd hope for a nightclub in what was a church!

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Leading the way to the ladies

Weirdly the most noticeable renovation in my opinion, were the loos. Gone are the red walls and strange fountain sink that confused all the freshers, and in are sleek, modern, grey designs, accompanied by yet more neon signs.

Icebreaker promised cannons and fire-dancers and they sure delivered. The night was clearly well organised and it reflected in the attendees, all of which were genuinely having a good time. Most of it was probably relief that their exams were over but … (and it kills me to say it) I don't hate Halo anymore.

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I would really like to mention that, it all felt very safe. Let's face it, Halo had a reputation for being a bit gross before, but I didn't feel uneasy at any point in the night. The bar staff and bouncers were quick to ask people to leave if they had overdone it on the booze and there was zero drama. I know! Zero drama!

In summary, I give the renovations a 6/10 but the event itself a 9/10. Well done Icebreaker.