All of these places are better than Halo, so why do you keep going there?

You’re at uni, you don’t need to keep going to Church

If you’re starting to come round to the realisation that “Saints & Sinners” Monday night at Halo is actually pretty shit, I salute you.

There’s only so much incessant House music I can handle, only so many sweaty bum-grabbing gurners I can stick out, and the quest to borrow a “Halo card” to claim the only cheap drinks deal from those same sweaty gurners at the bar is just not worth the flirt.

Maybe I’ve had enough of Halo because I’ve fallen down the stairs too many times. Or because two of my favourite coats have been stolen from there, or maybe it’s that my best mate got smacked in the face for no reason. It’s one of those or the fact I’ve been dangled over the VIP balcony (fortunately under the influence of many a Jägerbomb) too many times.

Instead, I’ve found there are actually other places to go (yes Freshers, time to open your eyes) that showcase better vodka, actual talent as opposed to C-list, ex-JLS shite and a better atmosphere where it’s actually fun to socialise and get wasted, rather than desperately needing too in order for your limbs to understand how to dance to that one, constant beat.

The effects of the Halo stairs

The effects of the Halo stairs

Nursing his Halo wounds

Nursing his Halo wounds

Smokin’ Aces

A dangerous place with a lethal amount of cocktail passion. Get to Aces early to enjoy your first pint in the downstairs whiskey lounge fully constructed out of Jack Daniels bottles.

Get here on a Friday and/or Saturday night: it gets wild and intimate with live music and DJ sets and, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll experience their lock-ins where the bar staff become your best mates.

There’s no science behind it but because you’re trusted with a real glass containing real alcohol that’s not going to fuck with your brain for the following 24 hours, you’re naturally in for a better night.

My mate won't get smacked in the face at Smokin' Aces

My mate won’t get smacked in the face at Smokin’ Aces

The Winchester

If you like glitter, home-made alcoholic concoctions that are way cheaper than the drinks at the bar, fancy dress, burlesque dancers, psychedelic décor and an epically worth-it hangover, you need to take a trip to the Triangle and experience a night at the Winch.

Predominantly the home of AUB or RAG fundraiser nights, you’re essentially supporting your fellow students through a night on the shant-easy life. Open later than most places (aside from Camel…) The Winchester hosts some mad themed nights: 90’s, Cabaret electro swing, San- Fran disco’s, Ghetto funk, mad dub… all a little more creative than “Calum Best’s Official Birthday Bash”. 1798605_10152293651017354_1047567038_n

Having a good'un

Having a good’un


60 Million Postcards

Located up the road from Halo, 60 cater for all occasions. If you do prefer clubbing to pubbing, at least check out their 2-4-1 burgers on Tuesdays: they are off the chain.

60 Million seem to be one of the only bars in Bournemouth that advertise great up and coming bands, with free entry, free entertainment, and free DJs later. If you fancy a chilled one, 60 represent the artistic with their monthly “craft club” nights, as well as Sunday night quizzes with real money up for grabs.

With nights such as “Soul Beat Society” and serious party vibes all week round, you don’t want to go through uni having not experienced a night getting funked up here.




Camden Bar and Kitchen

The place so good they had to open another one. A little bit further from town (M1 buses run all night long remember), the freshly renovated Camden bars are situated in Westbourne and Ashley Cross.

Definitely worth a pissed-up bus ride, both Camden’s are full of fun and friendly people- no Halo-ers allowed here. Monday nights bring you Open Mic’s, a breath of fresh, non-house musical talent, while Sunday nights present you with another quiz night, less technical than 60 Million’s and with random bonus games (they can get messy), plus cash and free drink prizes.




The Jug

Hidden away in town, The Jug is a funky sports and wine bar, a cosy little place that often houses the most drunk people in Bournemouth due to their amazing happy hour and original cocktail list (looking at you, two Proseccos for a fiver).

With “live sessions” on Thursday’s and Throwback “Afro-Disiac” Friday’s with spin DJ’s on rotation, check out the Jug for a more real experience.

double trouble

double trouble