University of Birmingham student hate-crimed at Birmingham Pride 2022

‘Don’t you dare tell me we don’t need Pride anymore’

A University of Birmingham student has spoken out after being the victim of a homophobic hate crime at Birmingham Pride 2022.

Raphael Kohn, 20, is studying medicine at Birmingham.

Birmingham Pride took place last weekend on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September.

Pride is meant to be a safe space to all those in the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to celebrate and come together. However, in reality that is unfortunately not true.

After attending Birmingham Pride 2022 Raphael posted a clip on to Twitter that showed the hate crime. Raphael explained in the tweet that the “homophobe” called him a “p**fy twat” and a “fucking little fanny”.

During the homophobic attack the man also was threatening to punch Raphael. Raphael sent “many thanks to the bystanders who stepped in and got [Raphael] home safe”.

The incident happened on September 24th at 3.30pm by a bus stop on St Martins Queensway.

Raphael has said he will return to Pride next year “even gayer and with more glitter”. He also said “don’t you dare tell me we don’t need pride anymore” as this incident highlighted the fact the homophobia is still a prevalent issue in 2022.

Raphael expressed how “terrifying” the incident was and that his “heart was going a million mile an hour”.

However, despite the horrible verbal abuse he received from the man, Raphael vowed not to let hate win and that he “won’t let him ruin my Pride”.

Raphael also said “Pride is about celebration – the dancing, the colour and the fun. But it’s also about the protest, and people like him show us why it needs to stay that way”

Pride “is about saying we will be proud of who we are despite them”.

The incident has been reported to the West Midlands Police. West Midlands Police sent this response to The Tab Birmingham in regards to the incident.

“We will never accept or tolerate attacks on anyone simply for being who they are. An investigation was carried out, however there was insufficient evidence to progress further.

“It is with regret that we have had to make the difficult decision to close our investigation, unless new evidence becomes available.

“Anyone with further information, can contact us via Live Chat on our website quoting 20/828812/22.”

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