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Rating all the clubs in Birmingham so you don’t have to waste your time

Freshers stay away from these clubs

It’s September which only means one thing it’s almost time for Freshers’ (and refreshers week).

Every year freshers are roped into buying over-priced wristbands and then are stuck going to clubs that aren’t even good, and will probably never want to go to again.

Instead of wasting money and time, here is a guide to the best and worst clubs in Birmingham so you know where to go for the best night, and where to avoid.

Here’s a definitive guide to the best clubs for students in Birmingham:

Rosie’s- 7/10

Rosie’s is arguably the best of the clubs in Birmingham city centre. It has a room for everyone, from Retro for those cheesy tune lovers to the main room for all the chart topping songs.

Rosie’s is the go to place on Thursdays for UoB students as they have Vodbull, where you can get cheaper drinks.

However, it loses points for being all the way in the city centre meaning you have to get a Bolt/Uber, or get drunk enough that you’re up for walking home. It also loses points for the always massive queue to get in, at least you know it will be busy when you get in there. Make sure you get your tickets in advance to be able to get into the shorter queue, however minus points for tickets being £8, not very student friendly.

Popworld- 6/10

best birmingham clubs

Popworld supremacy forever. Popworld gets way too much hate, everyone will tell you not to go there, but I am telling you to not listen to these people.

Popworld may be small but it plays banger after banger, that is if you love cheesey sing-along songs; Popworld is just one big cheese room.

However, people are boring and don’t like the cheese, so it is normally quite quiet, so make sure you drag as many people there as possible.

Popworld also loses points for its drinks prices. But still one of the best clubs in Birmingham, end of.

Fab- 8/10

Fab is almost a perfect night, it’s a walking distance from Selly and the first year halls, it has cheap(ish) entry prices and the drinks are actually reasonably priced.

It’s exclusive for UoB students, and their guests, so bonus points for knowing there won’t be any creepy old men in there.

Przym- 5/10

You’re lying to yourself if you say that you’ve gone to Przym any time after your first term in first year. Unless your course does a club crawl that ends up at Przym, why do they always end at one of the worst clubs?

Przym is just bad vibes, there’s always old men, it’s a bit and it’s not student friendly on prices.

Vodbull was the only time you could get reasonably priced drinks, but that’s not even held at Przym any more so there is really no appeal to making the trek to the city to go to Przym.

Circo- 8.5/10

Circo is defiantly one of the best nights out for any UoB student.

It is the ideal location for anyone living in Selly, with it only be a fifteen minute walk at most. However, it is a bit of a trek for the freshers in The Vale and Pritchatts Park, but this is good as most freshers don’t go to Circo until December at the earliest.

Circo loses points for how sweaty the dance floor can get, but this is just because they play banger after banger so everyone is dancing so much. Circo is able to regain the points lost for the sweatfest by having the ultimate smoking area, where everyone spends the majority of their night getting into long chats with complete strangers.

Also bonus points for the drink deals, 3 VKs for £5? Yes please!

The Mill- 6.5/10

best birmingham clubs

The Mill is known for its events in Digbeth, The Mill is good as it holds a range of nights out. From Reggae Bingo and the Abba Experience to DnB nights.

However, The Mill loses its points for being all the way in Digbeth so it requires a Bolt/Uber to get there. Also, The Mill does tend to be one of the quieter venues in Digbeth on some nights, but this could be a bonus if you don’t want to be sweating up against strangers.

Sports night- 10/10

The same as Fab but even better because you get to dress up stupidly.

Lab11- 8/10

Lab11 is the go to venue for DnB nights in Birmingham, special shout out to Tektu. Lab11 has multiple rooms so it is very popular and gets very busy.

Lab11 is another place in Digbeth so it is a Bolt ride away.

Snobs- 6.5/10

best birmingham clubs

Snobs has three floors and every floor has a different type of music for everyone so you can’t go wrong as you’ll get a bit of everything.

However, the drink prices are ridiculous, not student friendly at all.

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