We spoke to Birmingham clubs about the anti-spiking measures they are taking

PRZYM, Lab 11 and Players described to us the protocols they have in place

The Guild of Students, PRYZM, Lab 11, Players Bar, The Mill, The Nightingale Club and Tektu have all issued statements regarding the crackdown on spiking in clubs.

Strategies clubs are implementing include carrying out stricter checks to prevent people bringing substances into venues, having drink testing kits and safety teams available on site, and providing better care of clubbers who believe they have been a victim of spiking.

The Guild of Students, PRYZM and The Nightingale Club were the only venues to detail the use of anti-spiking drink protectors.

After the reported increase of drink spiking in clubs across the UK, including alleged instances of spiking by injection, and campaigns for students to boycott events, venues have been put under mounting pressure to implement more stringent measures to keep partygoers safe. The Birmingham Tab contacted the city’s venues to find out what they are doing to combat the recent attacks.


PRYZM nightclub, which has branches in several UK cities including Birmingham, described to The Birmingham Tab that their measures include training staff so that “they are aware of what to look out for and what to do if someone thinks they have been spiked.”

“We will start providing anti-spiking bottle stoppers and protective drink covers as soon as we can get more stock in, and each bar will have drink testing kits available,” PRZYM told The Birmingham Tab.

The club also have a “fully qualified medic on site” to provide care if partygoers feel unwell and will call emergency services if necessary. The spokesperson told The Birmingham Tab that they will “never ask anyone to leave on their own.”

PRZYM detailed how they operate a ‘We Care policy‘ as well as supporting the ‘Ask For Angela’ scheme to ensure customers who seek help get home safely. In addition to this, they “carry out 100 per cent searches on entry and operate metal detectors.”

The Guild of Students

The Guild of Students described the action they will take at Sports Night and Fab ‘N’ Fresh to protect students from having their drinks spiked during the university club nights. Taking to social media, the team shared that “only UoB students and their guests can attend club nights” and “bar staff have received anti-spiking training.

“There are anti-spiking drink covers for bottles available at Joe’s Bar, with other drink covers and straws being ordered,” the student body wrote. Other strategies implemented will include drink testing kits, as well as having team members available to escort students to taxis if they feel unsafe.


Lab 11

Digbeth club Lab 11 told The Birmingham Tab: “We already have scanners for everyone who enters the club, sniffer dogs, scanners to detect weapons, extensive search rooms and we have a strong security presence inside and outside the club.

“We are one of the only venues to have a dedicated welfare team that roam throughout events and take anyone to paramedics.”

The spokesperson also described to The Birmingham Tab how they are participating in a pilot scheme called “Safer Dance” with London nightclub Fabric, although details of this are yet to be announced.

The venue stressed that they “will always liaise with authorities / police to support anyone who suspects they may have been a victim of spiking.”

“We have a zero tolerance approach to anyone who acts like this, or treats women in any way that could be considered harassment,” they said.


Players bar on Broad Street told The Birmingham Tab that they have “stepped up [their] body searching on entry along with bag searching for females. Men are not allowed to bring in man bags unless it is for a health reason.

“Our floor staff are also taking any drinks left unattended,” the spokesperson said. “For the customers’ own safety, they should have their drink with them at all times and not left on bars, tables or shelves around the venue.”

The Mill

On their social media, The Mill Digbeth described how they will be conducting “increased searches on entry, specifically on the look out for any paraphernalia associated with this topic.”

They also have “female senior staff and security on hand within the building” and “medics / first aid staff on site.”

“If you’re going out with the intention to harm or cause unwanted attention, you are not welcome here,” the club wrote. “Treat all your clubbers with the respect and consideration they deserve. Don’t be a creep!”


The Nightingale Club

The Nightingale Club, in Birmingham’s gay village, shared that their measures include “bottle protectors” and “spiked drink test strips available behind the bar.”

Combined with this, they will be conducting “thorough searches on the door” as well as providing “welfare staff for vulnerable customers” and “safe space operating from The Arcadian.” Staff will receive “W.A.V.E” and “drink spiking awareness and avoidance” training and the club will ensure all security team members are fully trained too.

The venue told clubbers: “Please familiarise yourself with our policies to fight against the spiking of drinks.”



Club promoter Tektu, who host events at Lab 11, posted that their “security measures are high with sniffer dogs and multiple check points including electric scanners.”

“We have a zero tolerance policy to this and will always help anyone who feels they have had their drink spiked to get to the bottom of the situation,” they wrote.

“We are also working with relevant parties to bring new measures in place specifically targeting drink spiking in time for our Halloween events next week.”


The Birmingham Tab contacted the following venues for comment: Rosie’s, Snobs Nightclub, Walkabout, The Boogie Shed, Circo, The Bristol Pear and The Goose.

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