Guild President Mikey Brown is speaking at the United Nations Youth Climate talks

He will be representing the UK in Glasgow next week

Mikey Brown, Guild President of the University of Birmingham, will be representing the UK at this year’s United Nations Youth Climate Change talks.

The talks will take place between Wednesday 27 and Sunday 31 October in Glasgow.

Mikey will discuss what he believes young people can do to help the climate crisis.

The UN Youth Climate talks (COY 16) will take place over the course of four days prior to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26), which will then run until Friday 12 November. Young people from 140 countries will be contributing their ideas to build a statement to be considered by world leaders at COP 26.

The event is run by YOUNGO, the sector of the UN focusing on young people under the age of 35. Mikey described to the Birmingham Tab how he finds it “quite gratifying” that he is still classed as a young person at the age of 31.

Over the four day period, representatives will take part in a range of workshops. On how he came to represent the UK at the talks, Mikey told the Birmingham Tab: “They invite people to apply, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to go and contribute something on behalf of the students of Birmingham to the conference.”

He went on to explain to The Birmingham Tab how he feels it is his “responsibility to use the power he’s been given” to positively influence these talks.

The Guild President detailed to the Birmingham Tab how, during his series of workshops, he aims to highlight the need for “a global approach to a global problem.”

Mikey emphasised to The Birmingham Tab that he will be pushing for countries to make commitments to carbon neutrality. “The destruction we cause in the global North and West is felt most strongly in the global South where economies are far less developed”, he explained.

The COY talks give young people the opportunity to share their ideas regarding climate change, helping to shape policy changes.  Mikey described to The Birmingham Tab how he feels that young people are “able to appreciate the gravity of the situation more” and “respect and understand the science surrounding the climate crisis.”

Addressing what young people could do on a personal level to help the environment, Mikey told the Birmingham Tab that “doing the right thing in terms of recycling and trying not to buy fast fashion” were easy ways to help and said that he’s been reducing his meat and dairy consumption too.

However, he recognised that the main problem is large companies, and said that he will use his “position of power as Guild President to get across to the university that there are things it needs to do better on regarding the environment, in particular with its continued investment in fossil fuels.”

To find more information on the upcoming talks, visit or follow Coy 16 or @mikeybrownguildpresident on Instagram.

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