Circo is building a kitchen to stay open in the new tier system

Circo will always be there for us

Circo is currently building a kitchen, allowing them to stay open if Birmingham goes into tier 2 when lockdown restrictions end on December 2.

Before lockdown, Circo handed out a menu, including chicken, chips and wraps, along with vegan options.

The kitchen is currently being built in preparation for the tier system, allowing Circo to remain open if Birmingham goes into harsher restrictions.

The restrictions confirmed for after the lockdown state that areas that go into tier 2 will only allow restaurants and bars to serve alcohol as part of a ‘substantial meal’, and pubs and restaurants will have to close at 11pm.

If Birmingham does move up to tier 3, then all pubs and restaurants will close completely, and only be able to offer takeaway.

These restrictions are harsher than the tier system before the lockdown, although places are able to open for an extra hour in the evening.

Circo will only be able to open if they serve food, and as Birmingham seems likely to go into tier 2 once current measures end, this new kitchen means that they will be ready for these new rules to start.

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