The 20 things we miss the most about Fab

Time to relive the thing you miss the most


This was the highlight of our week, the light at the end of the tunnel, the glimmer of hope once you finally submitted that essay. Although we have suffered many losses at the hands of corona, nothing compares to the loss of Fab.

Glamming up to spend most of your night queuing for the toilet, and sweating your make-up off in the underground, whilst you queued for your VKs for an hour, has got to be the greatest loss for any UoB student.

So here is a comprehensive list to allow you to reminisce over your fondest memories. And maybe in five years, we will once again be reunited with the best night of our lives.

Sports night

None of the antics that occurred at these were appropriate. Sweaty rugby boys walking into Fab like they owned the place, VKs galore, and a queue to make the British proud. What an occassion. Also, the fancy dress – always terrible, always hilarious.

Having a ciggie next to The Mermaid Fountain

Iconic. What a beautiful scene to behold. Perching on the edge of the fountain, and begging everyone within a four metre radius for a ciggie or a lighter. Oh, how we miss this.

Buying six VKs at once

How could one resist when the deal is just too good. A true juggling act, but worth it for the bevvys.

The not needing to pay for Ubers

That boozy walk always pushed you over the edge. And if you were feeling extra tipsy, drunkenly walking under Old Joe because you live life on the edge (of failing your degree).

Meeting your new best friend in the toilet

Perhaps not exclusive to Fab, but bumping into that girl on your course you sat next to once in the first week and pretending she’s your best friend for the evening is peak Fab entertainment. She is always outrageously drunk and either crying or making her ex jealous, so it’s guaranteed laughs.

People trying to sell their tickets for £20 on the low

They thought it was subtle, but the threat of being banned from Fab N Fresh, became too much for many of us. Whilst, we’re on the subject of tickets…

Offering a kidney and your mum for a ticket

Not appropriate, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The lyrical genius that was displayed from certain members of Fab N Fresh in desperate need of a ticket, will never be forgotten.

The music that brought something for everybody

Joe Jaxon in the bar bringing the perfect mix of cheesy hits, the underground for the RnB lovers. And finally, the rogue yet necessary addition of the K-Pop room.

Random celebs

Does anyone remember Ben from Outnumbered and Bran Stark coming?

Omg hi Ben

Bringing your friends from other unis to the best night of their life

They didn’t even know what a good time was before they came to Birmingham, truly eye opening. They are guaranteed to want to transfer unis after a night at Fab.

Losing your mates in the queue for the toilets

The stairs were a place of mystery and confusion who knows how many friends you’d lose by the time you got to the bottom. However, the queue on the stairs gave the perfect opportunity to talk to all the friends you made in the toilet earlier.

Watching people fight with the bouncers

Babe you can cry as much as you want but you don’t have your student ID, you’re not getting in.

Roosters for afters

Always a good decision. Perhaps controversial when Pizza Land and Dixy’s are also on the cards. But the fact that all of these options are a 10 minute walk from Fab, just enhances the evening.

Image may contain: Fries, Food, Person, Human

Free drinks from the people that bought six VKs at once

Thank you boys.

The underground for the sweatiest of boogies

The amount of sweat and stickiness in this room is problematic. Also the UV is impressive, what a lovely addition to the grossest room in the place.

Knowing that in the daytime this place was simply a restaurant

Cinderella vibes. Joe’s by day, Fab by night. This place has it all.

Staying until the lights come on

At 4am, not 9.30pm. The promise of a good night out that started and ended after 10pm, we just didn’t appreciate this enough.

The fact that still, no one has got their money back for that last cancelled Fab

Thanks again Covid.

Promising to just go to pres…

…but eventually getting convinced by everyone to come and then begging for a ticket on Fab N Fresh for the next four hours until you’re sober anyway.

BNOCs everywhere

Who doesn’t love to see the usual suspects up to some suspicious antics after a few too many VKs.

Don’t worry we will one day be reunited with Fab. You may have graduated and be in a full time job, but if you find a way in to Fab, we support you.

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