We asked our UoB editors how music has helped them through lockdown

Because when you’re stuck inside, there’s no better reason to have a boogie

With the announcement of Lockdown 2.0, the heightened stress of uni, and the approaching winter months totals a recipe for disaster.  However, a stability within these times has been music.

Whether you’re stuck in your tiny student room isolating, or just having a bop with your housemates, it has been a saviour within the chaos of 2020.

You can turn the music up with your housemates and imagine you are at a concert with your mates from your kitchen.

Would rather be at a concert right now instead of drowning in deadlines

With more time on our hands, what better way to listen to new tunes (especially since Spotify Wrapped stopped tracking on 31 October so need to worry about your cheese playlist infiltrating your top songs!)

Our editors here at The Birmingham Tab love a good boogie and late night ballad belting session, and here they are to present their (somewhat questionable) music taste!

David Atkins – Editor-in-Chief

Yes, it is the real Jess Glynne

Top three lockdown tracks:

• Something in Your Eyes- Steps

•  Say Something – Kylie

• Dynamite – BTS

How has it helped you through lockdown?

“Honestly where can you go wrong, with these three feel-good dance-floor bangers. Whether your stressing about rona or upcoming deadlines with these three songs you can have your very own night out at gales from your living room. Just rope in a few housemates and open the pink gin! You’ll soon forget about miss rona”.

Amy Moore – Editor-in-Chief

Top three lockdown tracks:

• Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

• CUT EM IN – Anderson .Paak

• Photo ID – Remi Wolf

How has it helped you through lockdown?

“These songs are to remind you of all those wonderful times out clubbing . Though they aren’t with us right now, the reminder of these fond memories gives us hope we will be reunited with the clubs one day soon. CUT EM IN is just a banger which brings you all the motivation to get you through all the home workouts”.

Ellie Jeffery – News Editor

Top three lockdown tracks:

• Changing – The Airborne Toxic Event

• Float On – Modest Mouse

• Get Up – Mother Mother

How has it helped you through lockdown?

“Songs with massive sounds and beautiful lyrics are what help me through the days- whether it’s stressing over uni deadlines or just singing (badly) in the shower. You can’t go wrong with some indie pop to cheer you up. Trust me, these songs are three of the best bangers on Spotify. Fuck thinking about rona, drink some cider (Bulmers is preferred) and have some fun!”

Helen Eggleton – Features Editor

Top three lockdown tracks:

• Flowers – Sunship Radio Edit – Sweet Female Attitude

• Delilah – Aeris Roves

• Only You – Yazoo

How has it helped you through lockdown?

Flowers gave me major flashbacks to pre’s before stues (pre-Covid ofc). It also lifted my mood when living at home and getting into arguments about who forgot to defrost the chicken! I also really enjoyed having time to discover new songs and creating new playlists during lockdown. I was reminded of Only You whilst watching the TV adaptation of Normal People in which this song features. If you haven’t already seen it, Connell = sex god. His chain… wow, just wow.”

Anna Suffolk – Social Media Editor

Top three lockdown tracks:

• Sad – LANY

• All Too Well – Taylor Swift

• Violet – Sea Girls

How has it helped you through lockdown?

“Being stuck inside has made me expand my music taste – to rediscovering One Direction and Taylor Swift! My Spotify wrapped this year is going to be embarrassing, but at least I had a great time belting out Stockholm Syndrome in the shower. Besides the fact miss rona has cancelled about five gigs, Covid can’t stop you from recreating the sheer perfection of Snobs bottom floor in your living room. I’ve found music to be a stability amidst the havoc which is this year, and has positively impacted my mental health.”

We also asked you to send in your top isolation songs on Instagram and you did not disappoint! From ABBA to Kanye West, these songs will help your days stuck inside.

Our top three picks from your suggestions are:

• Straightjacket – Quinn XCII

• I Want to Break Free – Queen

• survin’ – Bastille

The full Spotify playlist can be found here


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