This is what Birmingham uni halls would be as TikTok audios

Can you take a guess what Chamberlain is?

TikTok has been a saviour within these dark times of 2020. Whether you spent your days on it back in March in quarantine, or now use it to procrastinate your Uni deadlines, it’s been everyones favourite app this year.

After spending countless hours scrolling through our For You pages, what better way is there to match halls with iconic audios we all know and love.

Maple Bank

Maple Wank is the most affordable UoB accommodation coming in at £89 a week, alongside its fair share of mould and infestations. Akin to a bush-tucker trial, but you won’t be seeing any celebs there.


No audio fits this hall better, with its 20 storey tower looking over (quite literally), the cheaper UoB halls. You’re probably scared of sharing a bathroom and of any supermarket which doesn’t begin with Wait, and ends with Rose. Hate to break it to you, but it’s called tory tower for a reason.

Tennis Courts

A very solid choice of halls, the atmosphere for pres, and even flat parties is always the best on The Vale. Home to many kitchens decorated with LED lights, a rogue DJ deck and empty vodka bottles (who needs pinterest!), TC is always a good time and you’ll have heard this song at plenty of parties there.

Pritchatts Park

The holy trinity of Ashcroft, Pritchatts House and Oakley Court make up PP. If you don’t live here, you probably have no idea where it is (Uber to Oakley pres anyone?). Your mates first reaction to you saying you live in Pritchatts Park is defo the same as the iconic Da Vinky? tiktok.


Pretty sure this is everyones first choice of halls (if sharing a bathroom isn’t your scene). Overlooking The Vale, Mason’s home to that rare breed of students who line their empty alcohol bottles along their window sill. Students seem pretty chill but defo not Tory enough for Chamberlain.

Beech Gardens (previously known as Liberty Gardens)

I’m so sorry you got stuck here, but hey at least you’ve got a good bum from all that walking to campus! You’re bored in the house as your vale-mates don’t fancy the trek to your socially-distanced walks.


This audio sums up students that are thriving on The Vale but does anything even go on here? Yes, we know you have a pub at the bottom of the accom, you don’t stop going on about it.


Battery Park

In the heart of Selly you’ll find students dressed in their vintage depop jumpers and bucket hats but other than the occasional scream, it’s pretty dead. You’re more likely to attend Sainsbury’s than an actual party.

The Metalworks

This wasn’t even on your choices and you probably wanted Mason, however you’ve had a sound time. Maybe too much of a sound time as theres always something going on and something being taken too.

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